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Grazie Truck

02 November 20021

Grazie, Truck.

Close your eyes and think back, for a few moments, to the spring that changed our lives. We are in March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic breaks out all over the world: the world collapses under our feet, and in a few days we find ourselves without certainty, forced to reinvent our lives and find a new normal. Remember. In that period of forced isolation, someone found themselves forced to work or study from home, someone looked for a hobby they could pursue within the walls of their home, someone else finally found time to devote to themselves, trying to banish fear.

But think about this for a moment.
While we were signing up for that online yoga class, someone arranged for the mats we needed to arrive in our homes.
As we found time to read again, someone filled our shelves with the titles we chose from a site. As we experimented with new recipes, someone made sure that we didn't miss a single ingredient in the process.

These people have a name: they are the same ones we puff against when we meet them slow, in line, along the highway. They're the ones we can't stand when they fill the lay-bys in the rest areas, day and night. And who in this year and a half have helped us without us even noticing.
They are the hauliers, the truck companies, the sales partners: a silent army on wheels, who, while everything stopped, continued to walk for us. And it is to them that we finally give our thanks.

Mission, maybe you don't know it, is the way hauliers call their journey.
That's why we want to thank those who, until today, have not been thanked enough. They are all those who, with so many daily missions, in this year and a half have helped us to live, seeking a new balance in a world that was collapsing. Who have not made us lack the small certainties that we sought around us. That they gave us the hope that we could return to normal as soon as possible, while going on with our lives as best we could.

Telepass' thanks - hopefully along with yours - go out to the entire truck world, without whom our lives would have been - and still would be - much more difficult.