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Long-term Rental

Everything you need to know

By activating the TPlus or TPass plan, you can access the Long-Term Rental service and drive a car of your choice between Fiat 500X, Hyundai KONA, Toyota Yaris, Renault Clio E-Tech, Ford Puma Hybrid and Audi A3 with a fixed monthly fee. Here you will find all the information you are looking for on connected car services; how Car Wash, Street Parking and Fuel work; and what the monthly car rental fee includes.

The Long-term Rental service in partnership with Arval, leader in mobility services in Italy, ensures that you always have access to a new car with a payment of a monthly fee and no unpleasant surprises.

The length of the contract is 36 months including 100,000 km as well as many helpful services for your mobility: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, insurance coverage, tire package, customer care, and roadside assistance 24 hours a day.

The Telepass Pay "Plus" or Telepass Pay "Pass" contract will remain in effect and you will receive a final charge related to the Long-term Rental services (owed fee and any additional costs, charges, and expenses due). In this case however, you will no longer have access to the promotion related to the Long-term Rental offer.

The Rental contract will remain in effect under the various economic terms that will be communicated to you in advance when you sign the contract.

As with any other Telepass service, you will be charged on the last day of the given month. Please note that Long-term Rental fees will be debited to you starting from the month following the actual delivery of the vehicle.

For the first month only, the charge will include: a partial installment for the first rental month, an installment for the current month, and an installment for the following month.

Upon delivery of the vehicle by Arval, you simply need to enter the plate number in the specific screen on the App. Within 24 hours of entering this information, Next services will be activated automatically and from that moment on, the promotions reserved to you will begin!

By joining the Long-term Rental service, you have access to the advanced Telepass mobility services. Specifically, your rental vehicle can communicate with the Telepass platform in real time through a push notification system, thus enabling you to use the following services in a brand new way:

  • Street parking: from time to time, the App will allow you to start and stop parking in paid areas.
  • Fuel: you will no longer have to worry about when and where to refuel as the App will notify you when the fuel level is low and point you to the nearest affiliated station.
  • Car Wash: the App will remind you to book a car wash and Wash Out staff will come and wash your vehicle where your parked it.

To join the Arval Long-term Rental service, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Modello Unico, CUD or 730 [Tax Returns]
  • Copy of your driving license
  • Your last paycheck.

You also need to complete the KYC (Know Your Client) form that Arval will send you following the registration process.

The advantages of Long-term Rental with Arval are:

  • Convenience: the monthly fee includes the type of assistance that allows you to always keep your car in perfect condition. In addition, exclusively for Telepass Plus customers, tire service is included. From supply to storage, to installation and / or replacement, for a carefree vehicle management.
  • Safety: the Arval Long-term Rental agreement includes full insurance coverage: RCA (liability insurance), fire, theft and additional damage. As far as assistance goes, you are in good hands: over 200 experts are at your disposal 24/7
  • Comfort: We will deliver the car to your home or to a location of your choice. In addition, should you need it, we can pick up your used vehicle and offer you a realistic quote.

With a single monthly fee, you have access to a car for 36 months and 100,000 km.
Additionally, the rental fee includes many helpful services to better manage your mobility:

  • Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance
  • Summer / winter tires, seasonal rotation and repairs
  • Roadside assistance 24 hours a day
  • Insurance coverage: RCA (liability insurance) and theft, fire and additional damage coverage
  • Delivery to your home or to a location of your choice
  • Used vehicle appraisal without commitment

Simply choose the car you like, you can reduce the monthly fee by paying an advance or by exchanging your used vehicle, or you can always choose the zero advance option.

The Long-Term Rental service is available on the Telepass App.

Choose your new car with just a few taps and follow the guidelines to send the required documentation and complete the feasibility study. To request a free consultation, please remember to accept the Conditions and Terms of Use. Arval consultants are at your disposal to guide you on every step of the process.