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With Telepass Pay you can enjoy the slopes without stopping at the ticket office. Simply open the Telepass Pay or Telepass Pay X App, request and register the skipasses for you and your family (up to 4 passes maximum), and you can start your snow day directly on the slopes.

At the end of the day, you’ll pay the most convenient fare offered by the ski park as specified in the official price list published on the APP and on the website based on the locations and times of access to the facilities.

Enjoy the winter season with Telepass Pay.

How it works

Request your skipass

Open the Telepass Pay App and request up 4 passes maximum. You’ll receive them directly at your home.


Open the Telepass Pay App and go to the section "I already have a Skipass" and insert the names you want to match with your passes.


With Telepass Pay your snow day starts directly on the slopes: use your pass to go directly to the lift and nothing can stop you.

It is also possible to request Skipasses by Telepass Pay apps and other affiliated locations.
Find out where

Do you like the Skipass service?

You can have it by choosing the Telepass Pay offer (and you can have up to 2 years Free).

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