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Sustainability is an essential and strategic element that defines how the Telepass Group operates.

Different bodies at the governance level work together to include sustainability-related issues in the Group’s decision-making processes. In particular:

  • The Board of Directors is in charge of defining sustainability guidelines, objectives, and commitments.
  • The Audit, Risk, and Sustainability Committee plays an advisory role, and assists the Board of Directors in its monitoring and governing activities.
  • Management plays a key role in setting up Sustainability plans. It is in charge of implementing measures and initiatives in line with the strategic objectives and guidelines set by the Board of Directors.
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability function helps prepare and implement the sustainability plan. It also helps coordinate and track the drafting of the non-financial report and takes care of related communications.

Our initiatives

The 2020-2023 Strategic Business Plan was defined with the goal of implementing the principles and values defined by the Board of Directors.

Sustainability makes up an essential part of the plan, and fosters responsible and fair behaviour towards the environment and society. An example is the Safe&Clean initiative in collaboration with Autogrill, launched during the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, to offer customers safe services and products such as cashless payment for filling fuel, e-scooter and e-moped rentals, and mobile car wash services.

Not to forget Telepass’ three-decade-strong service that lets Italians pay motorway tolls digitally and without having to stop at toll booths, effectively helping reduce CO2 emissions.