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Sustainability is now a key innovation driver for future facing companies.

Case study on Telepass and A4 Holding: technological innovation is the basis of sustainable mobility

Riduzione CO2

This decrease in CO2 emissions represents more than 35,000 trips from Rome to Milan. It brings immense benefits to the environment and people in terms of noise pollution, road congestion, and healthcare costs.

Telepass and A4 Holding participated in a successful case study on sustainable mobility. The two technologically advanced companies measured the decrease in pollutant emissions by vehicles using Telepass lanes at motorway toll booths.

Telepass introduced digital toll payments three decades ago ensuring smooth traffic flow at toll booths, thus reducing queues and pollution. A4 Holding Group is the parent company that controls Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova S.p.A, the A4 motorway authority for the Brescia–Padua motorway stretch. The Group is a great example for investing in mobility-related digitisation and technology with respect to efficiency, health protection, and pollution prevention.

The Ca' Foscari University of Venice commissioned a study that quantified the decrease in pollutant emissions thanks to Telepass technology, which allows vehicles to go through toll booths without stopping and pay their motorway tolls digitally. The study was carried out on one of the most congested Italian and European motorways, the A4 Brescia–Padua: 235 km of motorway with an average of 65,000 vehicles per day and around 50 million vehicles passing through in 2019 and 2020.

The study was carried out by Professor Giovanni Vaia of Ca' Foscari University’s Department of Management. Research was conducted using a mathematical model and found that using Telepass toll barriers reduced CO2 emissions by 3,350 tons in 2019 (and by 2,880 tons of CO2 in 2020).


Acquisition of the start-up Wash Out

With the acquisition of Wash Out, Telepass established itself as a leader in the waterless car wash industry. This service allows you get your car washed wherever you want with 100% eco-friendly products, and without the mess of a water-based wash.

Our business model lets you book a car wash on an app. Just enter your vehicle information such as your vehicle type, number plate, and where it’s parked. Then select the date and time for the wash. You can pay for the wash by card or PayPal. A car wash professional will then arrive at the booked location to clean your car.

This service is currently available in Florence, Milan, Rome, and Turin, and has already helped save more than 15 million litres of water (standard car washes usually consume over 150 litres of water per car). What’s more, there has been a decrease of about 6,500 kg of CO2 (equal to 44,000 km of travel) in these cities as vehicles don't need to be taken to car washes any more.

Paperless world

Telepass embraces digital transformation to become a paperless company

Telepass has speeded up its digital transformation along with several initiatives to ensure smooth change management.

Some examples of digital transformation at Telepass are: the gradual switch from personal printers to printers only in common areas, simplification of processes, digitising all communications with employees such as employment contracts, circulars, service notices, etc.

To encourage the adoption of paperless culture, employees have access to the latest technological tools such as modern modular workstations and remote working options.