Telepass is now in Switzerland

21 December 2020

Telepass has landed in Switzerland, bringing to 13 the number of European countries covered by its SAT electronic toll service for heavy vehicles.

Already active in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Hungary, starting January 14, 2021 the interoperable Telepass SAT device can be used to pay tolls for heavy vehicles on 83,274 km of Swiss road network.

With this additional step, Telepass continues to grow internationally, reaching a total of over 188,200 managed kilometers and contributing to the simplification of mobility within the European road network.

By offering a single payment device in 13 countries, Telepass confirms itself as market leader in Europe for electronic toll services, with a 35% market share and more than 10 million devices distributed.


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