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More advantages for you and your motorcycle
with TPlus

Telepass allows you to request a 30% discount on tolls when you link only your motorcycle plate to the device and go to a Punto Blu or a Telepass Store. If you choose the Telepass Plus offer by August 31, your Telepass subscription is FREE and you will only pay €1.24 per month for your mobility services.


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Note: Based on information received from Aiscat, please note that the above rate adjustment is not applicable to the following companies: Escota (state border exit only), Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda S.p.A., Consorzio per le Autostrade Siciliane and Autostrade Meridionali S.p.A.

Yes. At each highway entrance or exit, the number plate of your motorcycle will be photographed and the proper use of the device will be verified with respect to what is stated on the contract, in order to verify that those transits have in fact been made with the registered plate.

After sign-up, all transits made using the Telepass device linked to the motorcycle number plate will be subject to the reduction.