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More advantages for you and your motorcycle
with TPlus

Telepass allows you to request a 30% discount on tolls when you link only your motorcycle plate to the device and go to a Punto Blu or a Telepass Store. If you choose the Telepass Pay package by August 31, your Telepass subscription is FREE and you will only pay €1.24 per month for your mobility services.

Se usi già un dispositivo con la tua auto, puoi richiederne un secondo nella tua Area Riservata per associarlo solo alla moto.

How the offer works

Activate TPlus

Activate the package or if you are already a customer, switch to TPlus and register only one motorcycle plate to the device.

Request the 30% discount

Go to a Punto Blu or a Telepass Store with any active Telepass plan to get your discount.

Travel and save

Enjoy your travels on two wheels, save on motorway tolls as well as on your subscription with TPlus.


  • The 30% “Moto Discount” on tolls can be requested with any active Telepass plan, with the exception of Viacard and Telepass Business, provided that the Telepass device associated with the contract or any second device (Twin) is registered to the license plate of one motorcycle only.
  • The 30% “Moto Discount” on tolls is valid until 31/12/2023 unless extended and is honored only by participating motorway concessionaires.