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GO by Telepass

Cruise through toll booths in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia with the new Europe Device. Activate your plan with a credit card and you’re good to GO!
GO by Telepass

Travel across Europe with GO by Telepass

Advantages Motorway
in Europe
No more toll booth queues in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia.
Advantages European Telepass
Telepass Europe Device included in the plan.
Advantages Parkings
in Europe
Exclusive mobility-related services available.
Advantages App
Dedicated GO by Telepass app to easily manage your trips and more.

GO by Telepass – Advantages

Activate the plan with a credit card at just €15 and travel hassle-free in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia. Pay the €4 monthly fee only when you use the Europe Device.

Motorways in Europe
Quick and safe tolls in Italy and beyond
Autostrada in Europa Go By Telepass

Travel beyond borders

GO by Telepass gives you instant access to the Motorways in Europe service. Pay your motorway tolls quickly and safely in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia.

Use your credit card to subscribe to the plan by paying a €15 activation fee. Pay the €4 monthly fee only when you use your Europe Device. You’ll be charged for a maxium of 9 months for using the device. Telepass covers the other months!

Europe Device
Telepass Device included
Telepass Device

Get moving!

Say goodbye to debit cards, cash, and long queues at toll booths with the Telepass Europe Device.

Just cruise through the yellow lanes reserved for Telepass customers. You’ll hear a beep to confirm your motorway entry/exit.

Your trips will appear in the GO by Telepass app or your user account after 24 hours. Pay for your trips automatically by charging them to your credit card.

Mobility in Europe
Tolls and more!
Mobilità Go By Telepass

More than just tolls

GO by Telepass gives you access to exclusive services so you can travel comfortably.

Activate the plan to:

  • automatically pay to enter Milan’s traffic restricted area Area C
  • access affliated Car Parks in airports, railway stations, and exhibition centres across Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal,
  • take the Strait of Messina ferries without stepping out of your car.

Download the GO by Telepass app to activate these services and you’re good to go!

Smart App
All your trips at your fingertips

One app to travel in Europe

The GO by Telepass app lets you access our wide range of services, designed just for you. It’s now easy to track and monitor your use of our services.

You can also use your app to change the number plate linked to your device and more!

Download GO by Telepass

Say goodbye to crowded toll booths in Europe.


How can we help?

GO by Telepass is a plan designed for light vehicles (cars, motorbikes) that lets you pay, with a single device, motorway tolls; affiliated cark parks in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia; ferries; and congestion charge in Milan (Area C).

Yes, you can activate GO by Telepass using any of the main credit card payment networks (Diners, Visa, Mastercard). This plan cannot be activated using prepaid or debit cards. To activate the plan, the name on the GO by Telepass contract must match the name on the credit card provided.

GO by Telepass has a €15 activation fee (including VAT) and a monthly €4 fee (including VAT) on device use, up to a maximum of €36 per year.

The monthly fee is only applied on device use, once per calendar month regardless of the number of times the device is used in the relevant countries.

You will not be charged the monthly fee for months in which you don’t use Telepass for any of the linked services.