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GO by Telepass

Travel without limits with just one device.
GO by Telepass

The solution for the customers who have a foreign bank account

Advantages Motorway
European Motorway
Pay your toll in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal without stopping at the booth.
Advantages European Telepass
European Telepass
Receive your Telepass device free of charge.
Advantages Parkings
Discover the services for your car trips.
Advantages Dedicated App
Dedicated App
With GO by Telepass App you have everything at your fingertips.

The offer in detail

With GO by Telepass you travel across borders in a smart and convenient way. With the European device you can travel freely on the highway and enter the participating parking garages in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

You can automatically access the Milan Congestion Area and pay for the Strait of Messina ferry ticket without getting out of your car. And you pay for the overseas fee only in the months you use the service! So, GO!

Pay your toll with a "Beep" even outside Italy.

Travel without borders

The GO by Telepass offer includes the toll payment on the entire motorway network in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Using the practical device you can enter and exit toll booths without queuing, with no need of credit cards or cash. Just pick the yellow lanes dedicated to the Telepass customers and wait to hear the 'beep' of your device.

On your reserved area on the website or on the App, you will be able to see the data relative to your transits within 24 hours. The payments will be debited to your account quarterly.

European Telepass
Receive the new device
Telepass Device

European Telepass

Sign up now and receive your new Telepass. Use it to travel freely on the highway network of the participating European countries and for the other services included in the offer.

You can use the Telepass to pay the toll on all the roads and highways in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. In each country the accesses are marked with different symbols:

  • Italy;
  • France;
  • Spain and Portugal.

The Telepass 'beep' will signal the correct reading of the device. When exiting, pick the same lanes and slow down. You will be able to exit without having to stop or wait to pay.

There is a lot more than just toll payments in our GO by Telepass offer!

So much services in one beep

In addition to traveling on highways, you will be able to park in our participating garages, access Area C- Milan [Congestion Charge] and purchase Strait of Messina Ferry tickets.

Dedicated App
Manage it all with GO by Telepass App.


With the GO by Telepass App, you always have your contract handy on your smartphone.

In a few clicks you can:

  • Change your number plate.
  • Verify your transits.
  • Monitor your transactions and invoices.
  • Manage services and options on your contract.
  • Ask for assistance.

Download the new GO by Telepass App

Manage your travels stress-free and with no queues by using just one App.


How can we help you?

GO by Telepass is an offer dedicated to light vehicles (cars, motorbikes) that allows you to pay with just one device, using the pay per use mode, tolls, partecipating parkings in italy, France, Spain and Portugal, ferries and Milan Congestion Area.

The GO by Telepass offer has an activation cost of 15 euros (VAT included) and an additional monthly charge of 4 euros (VAT included) in the calendar month of use, up to a maximum cost of 36 euros per year.

The charge relative to the use is applied once only in the calendar month indipendently from the number of transits made in the participating countries.

In the months of non-use of the Telepass associated services, the charge won't be applied.