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Street Parking Service

The website for Street Parking payments is no longer available

You can continue to pay for parking using the Telepass App available for iOS and Android.

Pay for Street Parking

Download the Telepass App now to activate and manage your parking service. You save money as you pay only for the actual parking time, and you can manage the duration of your parking via the App wherever you are.
No additional cost will apply to the parking rate.

The amount due for parking (flat rate or actual minutes) is applied by Telepass based on the rates set by the municipality.

How to request the device pick-up

Pick up your device! If you are a new Telepass or Telepass Pay customer,
you can choose how to receive your new device.

Park your vehicle
Open the Telepass App after you find parking in the designated area.
Check the availability of the service and indicate how long you want to park.
End your parking or extend it for as long as you need with the Telepass App.

Always remember to print and display the Telepass coupon,
as it is mandatory in some cities.

Cities where the On-street Parking service is available

Download the Telepass app

Travel, drive, and move freely.