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Telepass Next

Telepass Next:
your in-car assistant

Only for Telepass Plus customers: Next, a new connected device for your car is finally here!

€5/month and €35 installation fee

Enjoy Next features with all your Plus services

Offerta Telepass Next Carburante
Find a petrol station

Your device will prompt you to use the Fuel service as needed and find the nearest petrol station.

Offerta Telepass Next Attiva la Sosta
Activate on-street parking

Use the On-street Parking service and the device will detect and activate parking on your command.

Offerta Telepass Next Trova auto
Find your parked car

Forget where you parked your car? Don’t worry, the device lets you find your car directly from the app.

Offerta Telepass Next Apre il Cancello

Open garage doors

Your Next device can open your garage doors automatically!

*controlla la compatibilità del telecomando del tuo cancello su 1Control.

Real-time assistant

Dispositivo Telepass Next
Aggiungi Next

Add Next to your Plus plan

Replace your old device with a new and smart device. You’ll be able to continue using all our service from your Telepass app.

Replace your old device

Plus customers can request Next from the app.

Your new device will be installed by an approved agent. They’ll contact you to set up an appointment at the nearest garage.

Sostituisci Vecchio Dispositivo

What are you waiting for? Try Next today!


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The device and services cost €5 per month. There is a one-time installation fee of €35.

We’re currently expanding our coverage area! You’ll soon have access to many authorised garages.

Return your device at an affiliated garage that will install your new Next device. You’ll have to pay a fine if the old device is not returned.