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Travel hassle-free

The solution for your travels by car in total relax!

Advantages Motorway
With the Telepass device, You pay the toll in a beep!
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Discover the services for your car trips.

Get 15% cashback on tolls

Subscribe to Telepass by 30 June 2022 and activate the Reminders service for free to get 15% cashback on all motorway tolls till 30 September 2022.

The offer in detail

Travel on highways with no stops and discover the benefits of being a Telepass customer.

Pay your toll without stopping at the booth
Dispositivo slim Telepass Privati

Travel worry-free

The Telepass offer includes the toll payment which is the most popular and most used service.

Using the practical device you can enter and exit toll booths without queuing, with no need of credit cards or cash. Just pick the yellow lanes dedicated to the Telepass customers and wait to hear the 'beep' of your device.

On your reserved area on the website or on the App, you will be able to see the data relative to your transits within 24 hours. The payments will be debited to your account quarterly.

The Telepass service is active on the entire motorway network to be by your side everywhere worry-free.

Not only toll, in the Telepass offer there is much more!
App Telepass

Many services in one 'beep'

Besides the toll, you can use the Telepass device to pay for other useful services when you travel with your car.

With your device you will be able to:

  • enter and exit the participating parking garages of aiports, stations and fairs;
  • acess the Milan Congestion Area automatically at any time you like without worrying about traffic tickets;
  • pay for the Messina Strait ferry ticket without getting out of your car to queue at the ticket office.


How can we help you?

Telepass Base always require a bank account support. The Telepass contract holder has to be the same as the holder or co-holder of the IBAN provided in order for the bank domiciliation request to be successful.

If you own a rechargeable card, before you proceed to activate Family Online, we suggest you to ask more information to the card issuer.

With the Telepass device you can easily pay for:

Also, wth the Telepass App you can request an estimate and pay the RC-Car Insurance and your mobility insurances. Discover more.