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Bonus protetto

Bonus protetto

Scegliendo l’opzione Bonus Protetto la Compagnia annulla l’evoluzione in malus della classe di merito, conseguente al pagamento di n.1 sinistro per annualità assicurata con responsabilità principale, o per cumulo di responsabilità avvenuto nell’annualità assicurata con l’impresa (Great Lakes SE).

In caso di sinistro avvenuto in annualità non coperte dall’impresa l’opzione non sarà operante.

Per ulteriori informazioni e approfondimenti sulle forme di garanzia e le esclusioni/limitazioni previste, leggi il set informativo.

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How can we help?

Once you have purchased the insurance policy, you will need to send us the signed agreement. You can digitally sign it by clicking on the link provided at the end of the purchase process on the website and on the App, as well as in the confirmation email.

All Telepass Family and Business customers with a vehicle registered under a physical person can take advantage of the Auto Insurance service.

Through the Telepass App or the Reserved Area of the site, you can purchase an Auto Insurance policy and accessory warranties for the number plates linked to your Telepass contract.

Please note that the purchased policy will be issued under the name of the vehicle owner.

You can do it directly from the Telepass App or from the Reserved Area of the site.

Select the license plate for which you want to calculate the quote, enter the age of the youngest driver and confirm the date of birth of the vehicle owner. In addition to the Liability Insurance, you can always add other accessory warranties.

Once calculated, the quote will be sent to you by email, and you can always find it on your App or in the Reserved Area of the site in the "Quote Archive" section.

Our Customer Service is available for any request or assistance.