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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Say yes to safety. Protect your trips around the world.
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

Leave your worries behind

Travel worry-free with Telepass Travel Insurance, offered by major insurance companies, AWP P&C (Allianz Global Assistance) and Ima Italia Assistance S.p.a (through the FIT S.R.L intermediary).

Select from three different covers:
  • trips in Italy and Europe (with Alliance Global Assistance)
  • trips to other parts of the world, excluding USA and Canada (with Ima Italia Assistance S.p.a.’s Amerigo)
  • trips to other parts of the world including USA and Canada (with Alliance Global Assistance and Ima Italia Assistance S.p.a.’s Amerigo)
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Telepass Travel Insurance details

Activate your Travel Insurance in the app with our Telepass Base, Plus, or Telepass Pay X plans to travel stress-free at only €1.40 per day.

Baggage insurance
Baggage Insurance

Protect your luggage and your holiday

What could be worse than starting your holiday without your luggage, clothes, or accessories? Telepass baggage insurance has got your back if such a situation should ever arise. The insurance provides a sum to cover basic needs such as clothing and other items.

You’ll always be covered in the following instances:

  • loss of baggage,
  • damage,
  • non-delivery of baggage,
  • theft or robbery,
  • reissue of documents.

Travel worry-free with the Telepass Travel Insurance.

Medical expenses
Medical Expenses

Your medical expenses are always covered

The Telepass Travel Insurance ensures your medical expenses are covered anywhere you go, and includes a COVID-19 cover.

You’ll always be covered for the following expenses:

  • hospital and surgical costs,
  • medical costs,
  • pharmceutical and outpatient costs,
  • emergency dental costs,
  • first aid transportation costs,
  • rehabilitation treatment costs on return.

No more worrying about high medical bills on your trips, we've got your covered!

Travel assistance
Travel Assistance
We care about your trips

Our telephone support service is available 24/7 to provide any help you may need.

The service includes:

  • a 24/7, 365 days/year operations centre,
  • telephone medical consultations,
  • shipping of medical supplies,
  • medical transportation,
  • recommendations for specialist doctors and legal professionals,
  • return for medical reasons, of the patient, family member, or fellow traveller,
  • advance payment for legal fees or basic necessities,
  • interpreters, reimbursement of telephone costs,
  • early return.

Here for all your insurance needs!

Come attivare l’Assicurazione Viaggi

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Open app

Use the Telepass app to buy your Travel Insurance.
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Travel safe

Explore new places with your loved ones, protected from unforeseen events.
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Say goodbye to stress; we offer 24/7 assistance for your entire trip.


How can we help?

You can activate the Travel Insurance service directly on the Telepass App in the special "Insurances" section.

Once you have purchased a policy, you will receive an email with the Membership Certificate that you will always be able to view also on the App and/or on the website.

The cost of the policy will be debited directly to your bank account linked to the Telepass contract.

With the Travel Insurance, you can purchase one or more policies as long as you have at least one active Telepass device on your contract.

The Travel Insurance is an insurance that provides you with travel assistance 24/7, medical expenses coverage and baggage coverage.

You can purchase the Travel Insurance within few minutes directly on the Telepass App for your travels in Italy, Europe and the rest of the World.

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