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Personal Mobility Insurance

Activate this insurance in the app to keep you safe wherever you go. For more info, call 051 197 610 07.
Personal Mobility Insurance

Online personal mobility insurance designed just for you

Get Personal Mobility Insurance to stay protected on the move! No more worrying about your safety while commuting, travelling, walking, and driving. Pick a personal or family insurance plan to make the most of everything we have to offer.

Get double the compensation if you have an accident while using a car linked to your Telepass device, or renting a shared vehicle with the Telepass app!
This insurance plan is available for Italian residents aged 18-69.

Pick the insurance plan best suited to your needs

Hospitalisation due to injury
€75 per day
€150 per day
Recovery after hospitalisation
€30 per day
€60 per day
Application of casts/splints
€30 per day
€60 per day
Temporary incapacity
€30 per month
€60 per month
Reimbursement of medical expenses
€400 per year
€400 per year
Price per month

Personal cover:
The covers are destined for the Insured (Telepass contract holder). The compensation is fully given to the person insured.

Family cover:
The covers are valid for the Family Unit, as mentioned in the civil status document. The compensation is divided equally among the members in the family unit, as they appear in the civil status document, at the time of the accident, with a minimum of 33%.

The policy covers the following

Hospitalisation due to an accident in Italy

Per diem covered for each hospitalisation day with overnight stay. The policy covers up to 120 days per Insured person per Insurance year, regardless of the number of accidents and hospitalisations in the same Insurance year.

Recovery after hospitalisation

The policy covers up to 30 days per Insured person per Insurance year, regardless of the number of accidents and hospitalisations in the same Insurance year.

Application of casts/splints

Per diem covered for casts for every day that the Insured person wears a Plaster cast or Immobiliser brace. Read our information pack to find out fracture types included in the plan.

The policy covers up to 30 days per Insured person per Insurance year, regardless of the number of accidents and bone fractures sustained in the same Insurance year.

Temporary incapacity

If the Insured person sustains Temporary incapacity due to a Mobility accident which results in the Insured person’s total temporary incapacity to carry out their profession, if they’re employed, or perform at least two of the four basic activities essential to human life (eating, getting dressed, washing up, moving), if they don’t work, a monthly cover is paid from the 31st day of Incapacity.

An absolute deductible equal to 30 consecutive days is applied. The policy covers up to 6 months per Insured person per Insurance year, regardless of the number of accidents sustained in the same Insurance year.

Reimbursement of medical expenses following an accident

If the Insured person sustains a Mobility accident, the medical expenses incurred within 120 days of the accident are reimbursed. Read our information pack for more details on the medical expenses covered by the plan.

Personal Mobility Insurance – How to activate it

Open app

Open the Telepass app and select the Personal Mobility Insurance option.

Buy policy

Choose between the Personal or Family plan.

Travel worry-free

Commute, travel, drive, or use shared mobility services leaving your worries behind.


How can we help?

The Personal Mobility Insurance plan covers the following covers following an accident:

  • hospitalisation allowance,
  • recovery after hospitalisation allowance,
  • per diem for immobilisation due to accident (which requires application of casts/splints/braces that does not allow limb movement),
  • reimbursement of medical expenses,
  • per diem for temporary full incapacity.

If the accident occurs while using a Telepass service, the compensation is doubled.

Once you activate Personal Mobility Insurance, you’ll receive the insurance policy and the relevant contract documents are available on the website or in your App.

The policy price will be directly debited from the account linked to your Telepass contract.

The Personal Mobility Insurance policy is for natural persons having Telepass Base (Telepass Family contract) with Telepass S.p.a. The plan is available for Italian residents aged 18-70 (not completed) for accidents occuring outside their homes.
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