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Online Replacement

Everything you need to know

Here you can find all the information you need to replace your old device with a new one: How the online replacement service works, where to find the return label for shipping, why a penalty of €25 applies and how to activate the new device.

A €25 penalty fee applies if you have not returned the “old” Telepass or if you have returned it more than 20 days from the date of delivery of the new Telepass device, as indicated in the Terms and Conditions of service.

The online replacement process entails the replacement of one Telepass device at a time. Once you have completed the first replacement request, you may repeat the operation for another device.

Yes, in order to return the "old" device and successfully complete the online replacement process, you must print the return label on A4 paper.

Click here to view the facsimile.

No, you may not return the “old Telepass” to a Punto Blu using the online replacement service. Please follow the rules laid out by the service.

To return the old Telepass device, select only one of the following return methods:

  • Delivery to the Post Office
  • Home collection
  • Delivery to Lockers

For more details on how to return the device, see this link. Whichever return method you select, please note that you need to carefully pack the “old” Telepass and print the return label on A4 paper. You do not need to attach the return label on the envelope.

Please note that returning the “old” Telepass does not entail any additional charge other than the cost of the replacement service.

Yes, the device that the courier delivered to you is active immediately, use it for all your travels.

Please note that from the time of the delivery of the new device, your "old" Telepass is no longer functional.

To request the replacement of your "old" device, you need just a few simple clicks!

  • Access the Reserved Area
  • Select the "replace your Telepass device" service
  • Choose the Telepass device you want to replace
  • Select the color or type of the new Telepass device
  • Confirm or enter the shipping address
  • Complete the online replacement process and follow the instructions in the confirmation email
  • Within 48 hours, a courier will deliver a new Telepass device immediately active to the address you indicated
  • To return the "old" Telepass, print the return label and choose one of the suggested return methods (Post Office, home collection, Locker). More details are available at this link.

The cost for the online replacement service is €11 (VAT included), which will be charged directly to your next Telepass invoice.

For Family contracts, please note that the cost of this service will contribute towards reaching the ceiling of € 258.23.

Use the specific feature in your Reserved Area to manage the replacement of your Telepass independently. Within a few days, a courier will deliver a new, immediately functioning Telepass device to your home or wherever you may choose.

Please remember that you need to return the "old" device no later than 20 days from the delivery date of the new Telepass and in strict accordance with the return methods indicated.