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Frequently asked questions

Read answers to the most common questions about plans and services provided by Telepass.

Premium Truck

The Premium Truck Option combines the convenience of the Telepass device with a package of additional services and exclusive benefits designed specifically for vehicles exceeding 35 tons.

More specifically:

  • Towing and repair service,
  • off-road recovery and replacement car,
  • return or onward journey of passengers,
  • advance on legal expenses and legal protection abroad.

To take advantage of the roadside assistance services included in the Premium Truck Option you will need to call the Premium Service Center on 800.108.108 (available 24/7 for requests coming from Italy) or call +39 0266165185 (for requests from outside Italy) and communicate:

  • your personal details and a phone number,
  • your Telepass Premium Truck code,
  • the brand, model and the number plate of the vehicle linked to the Telepass device on which the Premium Truck Option is active (the number plate must correspond to the one linked to the relative Telepass contract),
  • The type of service requested
  • the location and incident type (for instance, breakdown or accident).

The Premium Truck Option is reserved for truck drivers who have an active Telepass contract. To activate this option, please contact your Consortium.


As of 01/02/2021, the Telepass service that allows the use of Viacard in Italy for heavy vehicles belonging to the Consortium of Truck Drivers was discontinued.

Currently, the Telepass Service in Italy is only be available through the Telepass on-board device as well as the interoperable Telepass EU, Telepass SAT, and Telepass Europe devices.

The discontinuation of Viacard cards starting 1 February 2021 entails that they cannot be used to pay motorway tolls in Italy. If the card is used improperly and, for technical or other reasons, is accepted by the station, the corresponding toll will still be charged.

Viacard remains valid for all other categories of Business customers.

No, only on heavy vehicles exceeding 35 tons and buses up to 8 places plus driver (only for the electronic toll collection service in France).

Yes, these are the discounts that are currently active:

  • TIS-PL (France), up to 13% reductions on tolls
  • VIA-T (Spain and Portugal), up to 50% reduction guaranteed by the motorway companies
  • LFK (Belgium) from 18 to 41% discount guaranteed by the transport company
  • Italy up to 13% reductions on tolls.

In addition, with Telepass SAT you have access to the following discounts in Scandinavia:

  • Oresund, reduced toll rates using a Telepass device;
  • Storebaelt Bridge, up to 13% discount for Euro 6 class vehicles, electric or hydrogen-powered;
  • Ferry Norway, up to 40% discount on tolls.

Become a Customer

Telepass has a business model that provides a direct relationship with partners dedicated to the services of road haulage (consortia and service companies). For more information please contact us via our form in the Truck section of the site.


To replace the card Viacard, you can go to a Blue Point. Consult the map and schedules. If your card was requested at a Bank, you can also contact your branch.

For any topic related to theft/loss, replacement or refund of the device, contact the Consortium or Services Company with which you signed your contract.

For any problem of this type please contact the Consortium or Services Company with which you signed your contract. Alternatively see the Business Section.