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Get Viacard to simplify your business trips and pay for motorway tolls.
Designed especially for freelancers
Partite IVA Viacard

Get Viacard for your motorway journeys

Viacard is an easy-to-use travel expense management solution for freelancers who use their cars to travel for work.

Motorway tolls are automatically charged to their accounts or to the company credit card, with no spending limits or expense accounts.

Aggiungi Dispositivo Partite IVA


Get the Telepass device!

You can link the Telepass device to Viacard to quickly pay at motorway tolls and affiliated car parks. The device also lets you pay the congestion charge in Milan’s traffic restricted area (Area C) and take the Strait of Messina ferries.

fa muovere la tua azienda

Per gestire in modo semplice la mobilità delle piccole medie imprese e grandi aziende.


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This category includes freelancers, sole traders, and micro businesses with up to 10 employees.

All Viacard customers can use the Telepass app to activate the following insurance policies:

  • Motor Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance with cashback on tolls
  • Travel Insurance
  • Ski Insurance
  • Personal Mobility Insurance

Yes, you can apply for a Telepass device for every Viacard that you have. Read all the details here