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Have fewer than 150 employees? Our new TBusiness plan will help get your business moving.

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A simple and intuitive way to manage mobility for you and your employees.

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One app for all your employees

With just a tap, your teams can:

  • travel using the mobility services available with the Drive and Move packs you chose for them,
  • book taxis or trains, fill fuel, rent e-scooters, and more,
  • pay at motorway tolls and car parks in a flash using their Telepass Slim device.
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Personalised corporate card

These digital or physical cards for your employees:

  • are directly linked to your corporate e-money account,
  • let them pay for all necessary expenses, including mobility services, hotel stays, and restaurants,
  • let you track transactions from the corporate portal, and personalise monthly, weekly, and daily expense limits.
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Expense reports in the app

Every team member can:

  • track their transactions and upload photos of their receipts from their phone,
  • identify services for personal use so they can pay for them themselves,
  • create expense reports intuitively with just a few taps.
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Simple, all-in-one portal

For your financial and accounting needs

  • add your team and track their activity, travel expenses, and transactions,
  • get access to interactive dashboards displaying monthly expenses and company costs, and download invoices and accounting documents any time,
  • manage reporting accurately; unauthorised and out-of-hours expenses are indicated in the portal.

E-money account

Safe and fully digital:

  • top up your account via bank transfer and charge your employee cards to monitor mobility costs,
  • manage bank transfers and payments from your company portal,
  • set and monitor spending limits, and manage corporate cards assigned to employees
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Deductions and discounts

Get your team moving to save more:

  • up to 2% cashback on all the services available with Car Parks and the Move pack,
  • tax efficiency with 100% tax credit on VAT for tolls paid by the company,
  • mobility and travel expenses deductible for all your employees.

Clear and transparent rates

Get in touch, and one of our sales representatives will help you choose the best solution for your company.

Most popular with companies
Drive + Move + Card Business

Drive + Move + Card

  • Dedicated app
  • All mobility services
  • Telepass Slim device for tolls and more
  • Mastercard prepaid card
Drive + Move Business

Drive + Move

  • Dedicated app
  • All mobility services
  • Telepass Slim device for tolls and more
Card Business


  • Dedicated app
  • Mastercard prepaid card
Flotta aziendale Business

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This category includes companies with up to 250 employees.

No, Telepass only offers insurance policies for freelancers and individuals.

Yes. You can also activate the TBusiness plan for your current devices and manage them in a single portal. You cannot, however, activate TBusiness on your Viacard.