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Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the exclusive Toll Reimbursement service.
Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance and toll reimbursement to drive always protected

Secure your travels with Roadside Assistance offered by Telepass.
Many exclusive benefits for you to drive your car and motorcycle with peace of mind.

Fino a 12 mesi a canone zero

se attivi l’Assistenza Stradale entro il 31 agosto.

Roadside assistance details

Add Roadside Assistance to your Telepass, Telepass Pay or Telepass Pay X plan. In case of need, just call the Allianz Global Assistance Operations Center on the toll-free number 800.108.108 and provide your
details as well as those of your vehicle and the Telepass personal code that you can find on the App in the dedicated section.

Repairs Recovery
Vehicle Recovery

Quick assistance and car recovery

What if your car stops all of a sudden and does not start again? Here's what is always included in Roadside Assistance in Italy and Europe:

  • an emergency vehicle for minor repairs (tyre replacement, battery recharge or refueling);
  • if necessary, transportation to the nearest workshop;
  • 10% discount on labour cost in affiliated workshops in Italy with Allianz Global Assistance;
  • a vehicle for difficult recovery of the car, covered up to €150;
  • a driver who takes the car back to your home throughout Italy following a repair of over 36 hours of labor. The ride is covered up to €200, you will only be responsible for the cost of fuel and any tolls.
Extra charges included
Extra Repair Expenses

Extra services to avoid trip interruption

It is not always possible to have a vehicle repaired within the day, which is why the Allianz Global Assistance Operations Center allows you to choose between:

  • an overnight stay in a 3-star hotel for you and your passengers, up to 2 nights (€150 per night for each single person), for a total cost of up to €500, in Italy and in Europe;
  • a replacement car throughout Italy for 3 days (5 if the car breaks down on holidays or when workshops are closed);
  • a taxi to reach a hotel or the nearest airport, train or bus station, in Italy and Europe. Each authorized ride is covered up to €80.

In addition, you can always go to the workshop in charge of the repair, using the vehicle that will be made available to you.

Accident and illness
Injury and illness

Immediate medical telephone consultation

After an accident or sudden malaise in Italy or in Europe, the Operations Center can arrange a medical consultation over the phone for you to get general medical advice and information on:

  • finding emergency vehicles;
  • finding general practitioners and specialists;
  • location of general and specialist care centers;
  • how to access health facilities;
  • existence and availability of medicinal products.

If you are in no condition to drive, you can ask for a driver who will take you home, throughout Italy. You will only be responsible for the cost of fuel and any tolls.

All the details and conditions of Roadside Assistance with Allianz Global Assistance.

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50% cashback on tolls for you

Only with Roadside Assistance can you get cashback on tolls for motorway delays in the event of an accident.

How to activate Roadside Assistance

Open the App

With just a few taps, select Roadside Assistance insurance to protect your car travel.

Roadside assistance

After just 24 hours you will be able to drive safe at all times.

Toll Reimbursement

Activate the service in a few quick steps by following the instructions.


Roadside assistance only in Italy

You can activate it at the nearest Punto Blu, at banks or affiliated post offices.


How can we help you?

You can use it from the following day of the activation.

To benefit from the roadside assistance services you need to call the Service Center at 800.108.108 (or 02- and advise:

  • your personal data;
  • a phone number where you can be reached;
  • the card code that you find on your Telepass App or on the website Customer Secured Area;
  • the vehicle make, model and number plate linked to the Telepass device for which the roadside assistance has been activated (the number plate needs to correspond to one of the two number plates associated with the Telepass contract);
  • the type of service requested.

The Service Center, once the customer has been identified and the service validity verified, will communicate an authorization code (Dossier Number) that you will refer to in order to use the requested service. Keep in mind that without the Dossier Number it's not possible to use the free mechanical assistance.

L’iniziativa promozionale “Servizio Assistenza Stradale a canone zero per 12 mesi” è riservata ai clienti Telepass Family che sottoscrivono un contratto avente ad oggetto il servizio aggiuntivo Assistenza Stradale di Telepass S.p.A. nel periodo 17/05/2022-31/08/2022. La gratuità è relativa solo al canone del servizio Assistenza Stradale e si applica a decorrere dal mese in cui è stato perfezionato il relativo contratto e per i restanti mesi del ciclo di fatturazione trimestrale in corso nonché per i successivi tre cicli trimestrali di fatturazione. Al termine del periodo di promozione, il canone mensile del servizio Assistenza Stradale sarà quello contrattualmente previsto. Per maggiori informazioni, anche sulle condizioni economiche e contrattuali dell’Assistenza Stradale, consulta le relative Norme e Condizioni, la Guida ai Servizi e il Regolamento nella sezione Supporto di