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Ski Insurance

Get Ski Insurance for a safe, fun, and risk-free skiing experience.
Ski Insurance

The AIG Europe S.A. Ski Insurance, provided by Telepass, guarantees a hassle-free skiing experience

Planning a skiing holiday? Buy the Telepass Ski Insurance for you and your loved ones and get your skis and snowboards ready!

Daily cover
€2.50 per day

If you get a policy for more than 10 consecutive or non-consecutive days, it automatically covers the entire season and costs only €25.

Ski season cover
€25 for the season

Enjoy the 2022-2023 ski season to the fullest, until 30/05/2023, for just €25.

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Il nostro Partner ITAS Mutua è una compagnia di assicurazioni Iscritta all’Albo Imprese IVASS n. 1.00008. La polizza collettiva è stipulata da Telepass S.p.a., in qualità di Contraente, in favore dei suoi clienti (Aderenti) che possono aderire a uno dei prodotti sopra indicati.

Telepass Ski Insurance details

Activate Ski Insurance with your Telepass, Telepass Pay or Telepass Pay X app any time before you start skiing. Choose from a Daily cover at €2.50 per day or a Ski season cover at only €25.

Expense cover
Expenses Coverage

We cover all your expenses

Telepass ensures you have a fun and worry-free skiing holiday. This is why we cover your expenses in following cases:

  • first aid medical expenses.

For policies with a duration of at least 3 consecutive days, we reimburse you for:

  • skipass in case of accidents,
  • skipass due to bad weather,
  • rental equipment in case of accidents,
  • ski lessons in case of accidents.

Don’t forget, you can activate your Skipass directly in the Telepass app!

Responsabilità civile
Legal Protection and Civil Liability

Protect yourself and others

Legal protection and liability are included in the Telepass Ski Insurance for any damage that may be caused to others.

The following cases are covered:

  • physical injuries to third parties,
  • damage or loss of third party belongings,
  • legal expenses,
  • fees paid to experts,
  • court expenses in case of a trial,
  • counterparty's legal expenses.

Our insurance takes care of you and others!

Activating the policy

Open app
Select the Ski Insurance you want in the Telepass app.
Ski safely
Get skiing and enjoy your holiday on the slopes with our cover.
Relax and have fun
24/7 assistance available to help you whenever you need it.

Access ski lifts
with Skipass by Telepass

Say goodbye to queues, and hello to the slopes!


How can we help?

To all the customers who have already subscribed to a Family Telepass contract or Telepass Viacard, with the possibility to activate on each Telepass device linked to the contract one or more Instant Insurance services.

With the Ski Insurance you can purchase one or more policies as long as you have at least one Telepass device active on your Telepass Business contract.

You can activate the Ski Insurance service directly on the Telepass App under the Insurances dedicated section.

Once the policy has been purchased, you will receive an email with the Membership Certificate which you can always view also on the App and/or on the website.

The policy cost will be debited directly to your acccount linked to the Telepass contract.

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Il servizio di distribuzione assicurativa è reso da Telepass S.p.A., iscritto alla sezione E del Registro Unico degli intermediari di IVASS, nr. E000601244, in qualità di collaboratore di Telepass Broker S.r.l., iscritto alla sezione B (Broker) del Registro Unico degli intermediari IVASS, nr. B000590579. Telepass S.p.A. e Telepass Broker S.r.l. sono soggetti alla vigilanza dell'IVASS. Consulta gli estremi dell'iscrizione sul sito: e nel documento Elenco dei rapporti di collaborazione di Telepass Broker S.r.l. Prima della sottoscrizione leggere il set informativo del prodotto.