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Ski Insurance

Safe skiing with Telepass Insurance!
Ski Insurance
No hurdles on your snow days.

Are you planning a ski week? Purchase a Ski Insurance with Telepass for you and your family and leave all worries behind.

Our insurance

You can choose between a Daily Coverage for €2.50/day or a Seasonal Coverage for only €25 for the entire winter season. Activation is easy and immediate with just a few taps on the App, even moments before you are ready to ski.

Both coverages include:

24h assistance and rescue on the slopes
Assistance and Rescue on the Slopes

24h assistance and rescue on the slopes

It includes:

  • operations center 24H/365 days;
  • medical return;
  • return of travel companions;
  • driver for medical return;
  • rescue on the slopes;
  • coverage of search and rescue costs.

Expense Coverage
Expenses Coverage

Expense coverage

We understand that there are never enough days to enjoy on the snow and that is why it is important to live them to the fullest. In the event that something does not go according to plan, keep in mind that the following refunds are insured with Telepass:

  • ski pass refund for injury;
  • ski pass refund for inclement weather;
  • reimbursement of equipment rental due to injury;
  • reimbursement of ski lessons due to injury;
  • reimbursement of medical expenses for first aid.

Claim protection and liability
Legal Protection and Civil Liability

Claim protection and liability

Telepass Ski Insurance is designed to protect you from any damage to others. For this reason, you are entitled to the following services:

  • physical injury to third parties;
  • damage or loss of goods owned by third parties;
  • expenses for legal assistance;
  • expert expenses;
  • court fees;
  • any costs of the opposing counsel.

How to activate the policy

Open the App
Use the App and purchase the Ski Insurance that is right for you with just a few taps.
Enjoy your skiing
The Ski Insurance protects you from unexpected events that may happen during your ski holidays.
Whenever you need it, the operations center is always at your disposal, 24 hours a day. Enjoy the snow without worries!


How can we help you?

To all the customers who have already subscribed to a Family Telepass contract or Telepass Viacard, with the possibility to activate on each Telepass device linked to the contract one or more Instant Insurance services.

With the Ski Insurance you can purchase one or more policies as long as you have at least one Telepass device active on your Telepass Business contract.

You can activate the Ski Insurance service directly on the Telepass App under the Insurances dedicated section.

Once the policy has been purchased, you will receive an email with the Membership Certificate which you can always view also on the App and/or on the website.

The policy cost will be debited directly to your acccount linked to the Telepass contract.