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Roadside Assistance

Activate 24-hour roadside assistance on roads and highways, in Italy and Europe, thanks to the insurance offered in partnership with Allianz.
Roadside Assistance

Telepass support and roadside assistance for safe driving

Do not miss the advantages of Telepass insurance for Roadside Assistance, secure your travels and drive on roads and motorways while protecting youself and your passengers!

Together with Allianz Global Assistance, Telepass provides 24-hour assistance every day to always travel by your side and give you all the help and support you need.

Discover a new way to travel with peace of mind!

Add Roadside Assistance to your subscription. You will enjoy free roadside assistance on two license plates in Italy and Europe in case of breakdown, fire or accident, but also for simpler procedures.

Check out the benefits included in the service:

Assistance and Repairs
Vehicle Recovery

Mechanical Assistance

In case of car breakdown, fire or accident throughout the country as well as in Europe, you can request the dispatch of an assistance vehicle that will resolve the issue through small repairs on the spot (for example, tire replacement, battery recharge or refueling).

However, should this not be possible, your vehicle will be transported to the repair garage closest to the location where it stopped, up to a distance of 40 km which will be calculated from the stopping point to the selected garage (if the accident occurs on a highway network, the distance will be calculated from the exit closest to the stopping point).

The service is in effect in Italy and in Europe.

Labour discount within the Allianz affiliated network

If, following towing, the vehicle is transported to a garage affiliated with Allianz Global Assistance, customers enjoy a 10% discount on the cost of labour based on the actual repair time communicated by the garage.

The service is in effect in Italy.

Extra repair expenses
Extra Repair Expenses

Hotel expenses

If, following a breakdown, fire or accident, the vehicle in need of assistance cannot be repaired within the day of the event and requires more than 8 hours of labour, the Allianz Global Assistance Operations Center, as an alternative to a replacement car, will provide accommodation (for you and for all passengers of the vehicle being repaired) in a local 3-star hotel (or equivalent).

Allianz Global Assistance will cover the cost of accommodation and breakfast up to a maximum of 2 nights. The maximum allowance per person for hotel expenses, which must be always authorized by the Allianz Global Assistance Operations Center, is €150 per night and in any case within the limit of €500 per occurrence.

The service is in effect in Italy and in Europe.

Replacement car

If the vehicle stops due to a breakdown, fire or accident and requires repairs exceeding 8 hours, certified by the garage manager based on the vehicle manufacturer's standards, you can request, (as an alternative to hotel expenses) a replacement vehicle for a maximum of 3 days, which may be increased to 5 if the stop occurs on holidays or during garage closure, all under the general conditions outlined by the major participating rental companies.

The service is in effect in Italy.

Passengers transport

If, following a breakdown, fire or accident, the vehicle cannot be repaired on the place where it stopped and requires towing to the location where the repair will take place, you will be able to reach the center from which the tow truck comes, or the garage where the vehicle is being taken to, riding, if possible, on the same means that transported your vehicle.

The Allianz Global Assistance Operations Center can also provide you with a taxi to reach a hotel (where you will wait for repairs) or, alternatively, the nearest airport, train or bus station. The maximum cost for each taxi ride, which must be always authorized by the Operations Center, is €80.

The service is in effect in Italy and in Europe.

Injury and illness
Injury and illness

Telephone medical consultation

The Operations Center is at your disposal for a medical consultation over the phone following an accident or sudden illness while driving. Based on the information received (from you or from a third party if you are unable to do so) at the time of the request, the Operations Center's medical unit cannot provide diagnoses, but will be able to offer:

  • general medical advice;
  • information regarding:
    • how to find emergency vehicles;
    • how to find general practitioners and specialists;
    • locations of general and specialist care centers;
    • how to access health facilities;
    • availability of medicines.
  • The service is in effect in Italy and in Europe.

Driver in case of accident/illness

If, due to an accident or sudden illness while traveling, you suffer injuries such as to make you unable to drive your vehicle and no other passenger can replace you, the Operations Center will provide you with a driver who will take you to your place of residence. You are responsible for the cost of fuel and any toll charges (highways, ferries, etc.).

The service is in effect in Italy.

See the full information note for details and conditions of Roadside Assistance with Allianz Global Assistance.

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50% cashback on tolls for you

Only with Roadside Assistance can you get cashback on tolls for motorway delays in the event of an accident.

How to activate the policy


Call Allianz Global Assistance on the toll-free number 800.108.108


Provide your information, your vehicle data and the code.


Request the assistance service you need and relax.


Roadside Assistance only Italy

Travel in Italy without worries.


How can we help you?

If you are a Telepass Business customer, you can activate Roadside Assistance from your Reserved Area.

If you already have Roadside Assistance - Italy, you may extend it to the rest of Europe at an additional cost of €0,50 per month.

Should you need mechanical assistance, simply call the Allianz Global Assistance Operations Center at 800.108.108, in case of roadside assistance in Italy, or at 0039 02.26609135, in case of assistance on roads and highways in Europe.

You will be asked:

  • your personal details;
  • a telephone number;
  • the card code you find in your Telepass App or in the Reserved Area of the site;
  • the make, model, and number plate of the vehicle linked to the Telepass device on which Roadside Assistance is active (the license plate must correspond to one of the two associated with the relative Telepass contract);
  • the type of service requested.

Please request the assistance service you need and use the Dossier number that will be given to you to use the requested services.

By activating Roadside Assistance, you will enjoy free roadside assistance 24/7 in Italy and Europe.

Additionally, you will take advantage of:

  • a replacement vehicle following a breakdown for up to 5 days;
  • 10% discount on the repair of your car in partner garages;
  • passenger transport costs (only in Italy);
  • any hotel accommodation.

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