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Complete management of your company fleet.

Telepass Fleet is the solution that simplifies the movement of large corporate fleets. A full-optional service that meets the mobility needs of a large amount of vehicles and that allows you to save, thanks to exclusive discounts and tax benefits, such as VAT recovery up to 100% on all tolls.

Fill out the form to activate the offer. A Telepass agent will contact you to work on a customized offer based on the needs of your company.

Advantages Mobility
Everything for your car travel: highway, parking, Area C and much more.
Advantages Management
The invoice administration and VAT recovery service.
Advantages Support
A dedicated customer care always ready to assist you.
Advantages Discounts
The exclusive rates reserved for Telepass Fleet customers.

Offer details

All the Fleet services.

Everything in a beep

Thanks to Telepass Fleet, company vehicles can travel on highways and also take advantage of many helpful services during business trips. For example:

  • Access more than 200 affiliated parking facilities at airports, stations, and fairs.
  • Access Area C in Milan automatically and without risking traffic tickets.
  • Cross the Strait of Messina without having to get out of the car and queue up at the ticket office.
  • Use Street Parking in more than 120 Italian municipalities with the Telepass Pay App.
  • Pay your traffic tickets with deferred charge on the invoice.
  • Refuel at a variety of gas stations, with the Telepass device (at Servito) and the Telepass Pay App (at the Self Service).
  • Request the European device in order to access highways and parking facilities in France, Spain, and Portugal.

On all these services, with a quick selection, the user can always distinguish between business and personal uses and manage accounts separately within a single account.

The invoice and VAT recovery service.

Keeping up with companies on the move

Telepass Fleet integrates the Telepass payment system with a management software designed with real business needs in mind and developed to simplify the way to do business.

The software allows customers to categorize personal and business uses with a quick selection, thus eliminating the need to attach receipts to expense reports. Additionally, it allows the company to create customized dashboards in order to monitor and streamline expenses, make associations by cost centers, download invoices, and process reports and online orders.

And thanks to VAT recovery on business uses, savings are guaranteed on any movement.

Do you need help?

Telepass is always by your side

By joining the Telepass Fleet offer, companies have a dedicated Customer Service at their disposal and a self-care platform that guarantees the necessary support and satisfies the most specific needs in the shortest possible time.

An essential service for companies that need to monitor a large number of vehicles.

Discover the exclusive rates reserved for Telepass Fleet customers.

The perks of being Fleet

With 100% VAT recovery on company tolls and convenient incentives offered by Telepass Partners, savings are guaranteed. Here are some of them:

  • Rome Fiumicino Airport Parking. At BCDE, T1, and T3 Executive parking levels, the longer you stop, the more you save, because the discount increases with each passing day: from 36% to 46% compared to standard rates.
  • Naples International Airport Parking. You receive a 20% discount when parking in the multistory car park adjacent to the Terminal.
  • Strait of Messina Ferry. With Telepass Fleet you are entitled to an immediate 10% discount on the ticket price.
  • ACI Safe Driving Courses. You get a discount of up to 18% on safe driving courses for cars and commercial vehicles in the ACI centers located respectively in Rome (Autodromo di Vallelunga) and Milan (Lainate).

Exclusive discounts for travelers

Discover the comfort and benefits of the BCDE, T1 and T3 Executive multi-story car parks at Rome Fiumicino Airport with the exclusive rates reserved for Telepass Fleet customers.

Besides the convenience of parking near the terminals, the longer you stop, the more you save. Discounts increase with days parking, from 36% to 46% compared to standard rates.

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How can we help you?

Please notify the theft / loss of your Telepass device promptly in order to enable its blocking and avoid improper use by third parties, in one of the following ways:

  • by email to;
  • calling the number 06/91133752 from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm and on Saturdays between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm;
  • via the Telepass Fleet Portal / App.

Make sure to always notify your company as soon as possible. In the event of theft, to permanently block the device you need to provide a report endorsed by the Public Security Authority, which the Fleet Manager or the User must then upload to the Portal in the dedicated section and, if necessary, request a replacement device.

Only in case of loss, the Fleet Manager or the User need to: access the specific section, print the Self-certification, sign it, and upload it to the Portal to make the event definitive. In this case too, it will be possible to request a replacement device.

In the absence of a copy of the aforementioned documentation within 30 days from the first notification, all fees accrued during the period and any transits made with the device reported lost or stolen will be charged.

Yes, once the Telepass Fleet contract has been signed, you may request the migration of the devices in your possession from the old to the new contract, without having to return them to Telepass, thus keeping all existing payment services active. The migration does not entail the interruption of any payment service but only the lapse of any active Premium options and the pairing of a single license plate for each device.

The “Dual” service allows employees to use the Telepass device assigned to them by their company for personal purposes too. Employees can categorize their transits as personal from the Portal and the App, and be charged directly on their bank account.

Additionally, Telepass "Dual" offers employees the opportunity to use the Premium Card and to take advantage of discounts, either immediate or credited on the invoice, on the purchase of goods and services provided by Telepass Partners, as well as to pair the company device with a second private license plate.