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On-street Parking

Park in cities and pay only for the parking duration in the app. This service is available with our TBusiness plan!
On-street Parking

Easy and smart parking with On-street Parking

No more parking meters or cash required when you park in cities with the app. You can also extend or reduce your parking time and pay only for the parking duration if required.

Activate your parking session in the app
and display our label

Display our label on your vehicle to avoid fines..
Place the label on your dashboard to notify authorities you’re using the Telepass service.

Download label

The On-street Parking service – How it works

Strisce Blu Business - Step 1
Open app
Park your vehicle in cities and find your parking location on the app.
Strisce Blu Business - Step 2
Park your vehicle
Select your number plate and enter your parking duration.
Manage your parking
Extend or end your parking session and pay only for the parking duration.

Cities where the On-street Parking service is available

La tua azienda ha TBusiness?

Scarica l’app per usare i servizi di Telepass.


How can we help?

Make sure to always display the Telepass Pay coupon on the windshield of your car. Failure to display it in those Municipalities that require it could result in a penalty.

  • Select the Street Parking service on the Telepass Pay App;
  • use the geolocation to find your postion, or select the area using the area code from the vertical signage or insert the address manually;
  • select or insert the parked number plate;
  • type in the duration of your stop;
  • 10 minutes before the duration of your stop expires, an alert will consent you to either prolongue or end your stop and to pay only for the actual time used;
  • the amount of the stop will be directly debited to the payment account.

Check here the cities where the Street Parking service is active.