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Cruise through motorway toll booths with our handy Telepass device, available with all our plans!

Don’t let being on the road keep you from
running your business

Always travelling for work? Queuing at motorway toll booths and carrying cash or credit cards are a thing of the past thanks to the Telepass device. The Motorways service is available on the entire Italian motorway network – travel anywhere you want and keep your business running smoothly.

The Motorways service – How it works

Enter a motorway using the yellow lanes reserved for Telepass customers.
Drive slowly towards the toll booth. The beep sound you hear when you drive past the toll gate indicates a successful operation.
Drive slowly towards the yellow lane reserved for Telepass customers at a motorway exit. The toll fee is automatically charged to your account, and can be viewed on your app.


How can we help?

The Telepass device is equipped with an acoustic signaling system that emits continuous or intermittent sounds, with low or high tones, to let users know if their Telepass device is working properly.

A high-pitched tone indicates that transit was successfully completed.

A low-pitched tone indicates that an error occurred during transit, in which case you should check the activity record directly from your Telepass App or from the Reserved Area of the site. In the event of another low-pitched tone during a subsequent transit, contact Punto Blu to verify that your device is working properly.

Three high-pitched tones indicate that the battery is low and therefore you need to contact Punto Blu to request the replacement of the Telepass device.

Depending on the motorcycle model, the Telepass device can be placed in one of the following ways:

  • in the glovebox (if made of plastic), using the same anchoring technique for placement on vehicles, that is by positioning the device with the adhesive velcro side facing upwards;
  • on the handlebar, using a special support available at authorized dealers;
  • in a bag with a suitable pocket and anchored on the tank.

In any case, you need to place the Telepass device with the adhesive side facing forward to allow correct functioning.

For best performance, place your Telepass device at the top-center of the windshield. If your vehicle has a screened windshield, we recommend that you consult your car's user manual.