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Strait of Messina Ferries

Board ferries without leaving your car or queuing for tickets with the Strait of Messina Ferries service, available with all our plans!
Strait of Messina Ferries

Getting on board the Strait of Messina ferries has never been easier

Even the sea can’t stop you now! Take the Strait of Messina ferries with our Telepass device, included in all our plans, without leaving your car or motorbike. Use the yellow lanes reserved for Telepass customers and pay for your tickets automatically! You can track all your expenses and trips on the app.

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The Strait of Messina Ferries service – How it works

Take the yellow lane
Use the yellow lane reserved for Telepass customers and approach the interactive kiosk without leaving your car.
Collect your ticket
Pay instantly with your Telepass device.
Get on board!
Board the ferry with your vehicle to cross the Strait of Messina.

Scarica le nostre App

Con le app Telepass e TBusiness ogni meta diventa raggiungibile.


How can we help?

You can view the invoices of your ferry crossings directly on the website Reserved Area.

If you are a Telepass Business customer, the Ferry service is already active, at no additional cost.

You can disable the service at any time from your Reserved Area on the site in the "Services" section.

Customers affiliated with associations and service companies, however, need to request activation through their partners.