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Affiliated Car Parks

Pay your parking charges at airports, stations, and exhibition centres automatically with the Affiliated Car Parks service, available with all our plans!
Affiliated Car Parks

Hassle-free parking with Telepass Affiliated Car Parks

The Telepass Affiliated Car Parks service, included in all our plans, is available at stations, airports, exhibition centres, and across cities. It is especially designed to make your trips comfortable and hassle-free!

Use the lanes reserved for Telepass customers to enter and exit car parks. Pay parking charges automatically with your device and track your parking history and charges on the app.

The Affiliated Car Parks service – How it works

Pick your lane
Look for the small pillars with the Telepass logo at affiliated car parks and take the lane reserved for Telepass customers.
Enter and exit
Slow down as you approach the barrier and drive through once you hear a beep.
Open app
You can track your parking history and charges on the app and pay every quarter.

Look for Affiliated Car Parks

Scarica le nostre App

Con le app Telepass e TBusiness ogni meta diventa raggiungibile.


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You can conveniently pay for parking in one of the participating garages right with the Telepass device.

Entering or exiting the participating garages of airports, stations, and fairs, look for the column with the Telepass logo, the gate will automatically lift and you will be able to leave without stopping at the cash desk.

You can view the amount charged for the stop on the parking meter display when exiting the parking garage. In any case, the list of the stops you made and the relative amounts charged are always available on the Reserved Area of the website.

You can view the Telepass participating parking garages here.