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Telepass offers for professionals, small businesses and large corporations.

Viacard Offer

Your toll card with no spending limits

Activate Viacard and access the business world of Telepass! You will be able to enter and exit highway booths at your convenience, and tolls will be charged directly to your account or your company credit card.

The best offers for your business

Are you a freelancer? Do you own a small business or a large company? Telepass has the right solution for any type of business.

For those who want the Motorway service
€15,49 per year
  • Viacard for the payment of highway tolls
Dedicated to Viacard holders who want all Telepass services
1.03€ per month
  • Colorful Slim device included
  • Many services for your company car
Telepass Fleet Business Offer
For those who want to fully manage the company fleet
Price upon request
  • Telepass device included
  • Electronic invoicing management service included

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With the Telepass, Telepass Pay and Telepass Pay X App, any destination becomes reachable.
Travel, drive, move around wherever and however you want.


How can we help you?

Telepass with Viacard is the solution dedicated to Business customers, already Viacard contract holders, who frequently ride on highways with both private and commercial vehicles and want to enjoy the convenience of all Telepass services. It does not set usage limits and allows for transits to be charged directly to the customer's bank account. It is possible to associate a Telepass device to each Viacard owned.

The request can be made online, from the Reserved Area of the Telepass website, at a Punto Blu, or in a Telepass Store by submitting the following documents:

  • Viacard;
  • valid ID;
  • copy of the contract stamped and signed by the company along with a copy of an up-to-date certificate of incorporation if the contract is in the name of a company;
  • a company proxy if you are not the legal representative and a copy of the ID of the delegator
  • number plates of the vehicles to be enabled.

The “Dual” service allows employees to use the Telepass device assigned to them by their company for personal purposes too. Employees can categorize their transits as personal from the Portal and the App, and be charged directly on their bank account.

Additionally, Telepass "Dual" offers employees the opportunity to use the Premium Card and to take advantage of discounts, either immediate or credited on the invoice, on the purchase of goods and services provided by Telepass Partners, as well as to pair the company device with a second private license plate.

To activate Telepass Fleet "Dual" you need to have a business Telepass device assigned to your name and check with your Fleet Manager that the company has authorized you to activate it; after you do so, you will be able to connect to the Telepass Fleet Portal and request the activation of service through the Personal Use section. The Premium card will be delivered to the address indicated by you.