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Toll Reimbursement

Motorway delays? With Roadside Assistance, Telepass reimburses you 50% of the toll.
Toll Reimbursement

When things don't go smoothly, Telepass reimburses your tolls

Only with the Roadside Assistance insurance offered by Telepass can you get a 50% refund on tolls for
motorway delays in the event of accidents.

ust activate the Toll Reimbursement for free and Telepass will take care of the rest!

How Toll Reimbursement works

Activate Roadside Assistance on the App and protect your car and motorcycle travels.
Activate for free
Drive without worrying about motorway delays with Toll Reimbursement.
Receive the reimbursement
In the event of an accident on the motorway, the App will notify you about the 50% reimbursement of the toll paid.
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Drive with Roadside Assistance

Protect your car and motorcycle travels with quick assistance in Italy and Europe.