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Car Insurance

La tua nuova polizza

Con Telepass Assicura acquisti la tua polizza scegliendo se pagare il premio a fine mese o se dividere l’importo in 12 mesi e puoi vincere fino a 1000€ di buoni regalo Amazon!

Roadside Assistance

Protect yourself on the road

Get 24/7 Roadside Assistance in Italy and Europe. You also get exclusive Cashback on Tolls in the event of motorway accidents.

Accidents in mobility insurance

Motorway delays?

With Roadside Assistance get 50% Cashback on Tolls in the event of accidents and delays on motorways. Activate all the available options on our app at no additional cost!

Travel Insurance

For the globetrotter in you

Insure your train and air travels in Italy or abroad, starting at €1.40 per day. Activate your travel insurance plan on the App minutes before departure.

Ski Insurance

Stay safe on the slopes

No more worries on the slopes! Activate your Ski Insurance plan minutes before you go skiing at only €2.50 per day or €25 for the entire season.

Accidents in mobility insurance

Risk-free daily trips

Protect yourself and your dear ones! Get a Personal Mobility Insurance plan to insure your daily commutes from home to work and beyond. It only takes a few seconds to activate the plan on your app.


How can we help?

You can purchase the Accidents in Mobility policy directly on the Telepass App.

Once the policy has been purchased, you will receive the Membership Certificate and the contractual documents that you will also be able to view on the website or App.

The policy cost will be directly debited to your account associated with the Telepass contract.

Should you need mechanical assistance, simply call the Allianz Global Assistance Operations Center at 800.108.108, in case of roadside assistance in Italy, or at 0039 02.26609135, in case of assistance on roads and highways in Europe.

You will be asked:

  • your personal details;
  • a telephone number;
  • the card code you find in your Telepass App or in the Reserved Area of the site;
  • the make, model, and number plate of the vehicle linked to the Telepass device on which Roadside Assistance is active (the license plate must correspond to one of the two associated with the relative Telepass contract);
  • the type of service requested.

Please request the assistance service you need and use the Dossier number that will be given to you to use the requested services.

The Car Insurance service offers Telepass Business customers the possibility to purchase, through the Telepass App, Car Insurance policies and additional warranties issued in partnership with insurance companies.

In the specific, upon approval from the insurance company, you can add the following additional warranties to your policy:

  • driver's personal injury;
  • theft and fire;
  • liability;
  • glass & windshield protection;
  • Kasko collision;
  • claim protection;
  • bonus protection.

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