Car Wash

Make your car shine with one tap! With Telepass Pay, you can have your car washed and sanitized while parked, in a sustainable way.

Park your car and find it sparkling clean

From now on, you will never need to look for a car wash again, it will come to you! With the Car Wash Service, you can book a wash for your car or motocycle directly on the spot where you parked it.

Operators will reach your vehicle and take care of the bodywork wash while you take care of your other chores.

How does the service work

After parking, open the Telepass Pay App and check if the service is available at your location.
Select the time slot in which you would like the wash to take place and book it. In the meantime, you may walk away from your vehicle without waiting.
Ready to go
When you return to your vehicle, you will be ready to leave with a shiny bodywork.

Telepass App

Managing your movements is easier.
Access your reserved area from the Telepass App.


How can we help you?

  • Open the Telepass Pay App and select the “Get your car washed” service;
  • once the car or motorcycle is parked, select or add the number plate of the vehicle for which you are requesting washing, making sure to specify the make, model, and color in addition to the plate;
  • select the type of wash you would like;
  • geolocate your position or manually enter the address where your car is parked;
  • select the desired day and time slot;
  • complete your reservation with one click;
  • during the selected time slot, a car wash professional will take care of your vehicle using waterless products, even on the street;
  • at the end of the set time slot, your vehicle will be sparkling clean and ready to go again!

Check here the cities where the Car Wash service is active.

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