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Car services

How do the main car-related services work.


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Based on data sent by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Memo service automatically shows expiration dates related to your car, such as road tax, RC Auto Insurance, etc. limited to license plates associated with your Telepass contract.

If you see outdated license plates, you may modify them by yourself using the specific license plate change function available in the Telepass App or in the Reserved Area of the site. Following this update, the Memo service will show you the deadlines related to the new vehicles.

If you notice outdated deadlines, you may change the date of a single deadline from the specific "change dates" function in the Memo section.

The Europe Service is the service dedicated to light vehicles (cars, motorcycles) that allows you to pay highway tolls and parking in affiliated car parks in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal with a single device.

You can conveniently pay for parking in one of the participating garages right with the Telepass device.

Entering or exiting the participating garages of airports, stations, and fairs, look for the column with the Telepass logo, the gate will automatically lift and you will be able to leave without stopping at the cash desk.

You can view the amount charged for the stop on the parking meter display when exiting the parking garage. In any case, the list of the stops you made and the relative amounts charged are always available on the Reserved Area of the website.