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Accidents In Mobility Insurances

Everything you need to know

Insurance policy coverage and functioning.

Yes, the cost of the insurance policies contribute towards reaching the quarterly spending limit of the Telepass Family contract of €258,23.

The Personal Mobility Insurance plan covers the following covers following an accident:

  • hospitalisation allowance,
  • recovery after hospitalisation allowance,
  • per diem for immobilisation due to accident (which requires application of casts/splints/braces that does not allow limb movement),
  • reimbursement of medical expenses,
  • per diem for temporary full incapacity.

If the accident occurs while using a Telepass service, the compensation is doubled.

If you are a Telepass Viacard contract holder you can purchase a maximum of 10 individual polices.

You can withdraw by filling in the specific form you find on the website or on the Telepass App (under the Info and Support section) or with registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to: Telepass S.p.A. - Customer Care PO BOX 310 Branch 39 - 50123 Florence (address for the contractual communications).

The cost of the Accidents in Mobility policy will be debited after the signing of the insurance contract at the time the first Telepass service debit is charged and on the same account linked to your Telepass contract.

Keep in mind that the policy has a monthly duration until the cancellation of the pollicy.

The Accidents in Mobility policy is the new insurance product offered by Telepass in partnership with the partner insurance companies to protect you from the moment you leave home until your return.

You can purchase the Accidents in Mobility policy directly on the Telepass App.

Once the policy has been purchased, you will receive the Membership Certificate and the contractual documents that you will also be able to view on the website or App.

The policy cost will be directly debited to your account associated with the Telepass contract.


Yes, it does.

The Accidents in Mobility policy is dedicated to all customers resident in Italy with an age between 18 and 69. The coverage is valid until the age of 75.

The Telepass Business contract holder can insure himself and the company emplyoees.

The amount of compensation provided for by the Accidents in Mobility policy dobles if the injury happens while using the services paid with Telepass and for all mobility services paid with the Telepass Pay App (taxi-Bike sharing- Scooter- Local Public Transportation- Ferries- Trains- Scooter Sharing).

In case of an accident, it is necessary to report it immediately to the Insurance Company in writing.

The accident report can be easily presented using the specific form included in the contractual documentation by following the instructions you find on the website under the section Customer Assistance/Report an Accident or in free form.

For info and assistance with reporting an accident you can send specific notification to or call the toll free number 800.319.665.

You can withdraw from the policy within 14 days from the date of subscription, without penalties and without having to give a reason.

You can cancel the policy each month with a 15 days notice. In any case, the policy will terminate at the end of the monthly insurance period for which the premium has being paid and it won't be renewed anymore.

The warranties are valid with no territorial limits with the exception of hospitalization allowance and post-hospitalization recovery allowance that are valid only in the case the accident occurred in Italy.