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Se non ricordi le credenziali di accesso, puoi recuperare user o password.

A Reserved Area to access information related to contract, activity, and invoices is available to customers who register on the Telepass site.

In the Reserved Area, customers can also:

  • update their address and plates associated with the contract;
  • activate services, such as Area C - Milan Congestion Charge;
  • request Roadside Assistance;
  • update contact details for electronic invoicing.

To access the Reserved Area, customers need to register using the ID code received via email or letter at the time they initiated the contract.

The Telepass device is equipped with an acoustic signaling system that emits continuous or intermittent sounds, with low or high tones, to let users know if their Telepass device is working properly.

A high-pitched tone indicates that transit was successfully completed.

A low-pitched tone indicates that an error occurred during transit, in which case you should check the activity record directly from your Telepass App or from the Reserved Area of the site. In the event of another low-pitched tone during a subsequent transit, contact Punto Blu to verify that your device is working properly.

Three high-pitched tones indicate that the battery is low and therefore you need to contact Punto Blu to request the replacement of the Telepass device.

It is a small device you place on the windshield of your vehicle or on your motorcycle that allows you to pay highway tolls by charging your bank account without stopping at the booth when you transit through the dedicated Telepass gates.

Besides tolls, with Telepass you can also pay for parking, Area C Milan Congestion Charge, and Strait of Messina ferries: all at no additional cost.

With Telepass you can pay:

  • tolls on all Italian highways that require a toll payment;
  • parking in participating garages. Find out more;
  • Area C - Milan Congestion Charge. Find out more;
  • Strait of Messina ferry tickets, in collaboration with "Caronte and Tourist". Find out more.