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The service deactivation implies that you won't be able to pay the Messina Strait crossing through the Telepass device. Moreover, it implies that also the Parking service will be deactivated.

Whenever the amount does not correspond to what was established by the ferry company , you must go to the ticket office and request a new ticket with the correct amount. The calculation, processing and application of the service rate it is exclusive competence of the ferry company.

You can use the payment service for the ferry ticket for the the Messina Strait using the Telepass device if you are a Telepass customer through Viacard and also through consortia and service companies.

The Telepass prepaid card customers and the Europass customers can not access the service.

Please check here the cities where the Telepass Pay Taxi service is active.

After you pay for the taxi service in the App, you may request an invoice directly from the taxi driver. Additionally, you can create an expense report with the Taxi service on the Telepass Pay App.

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