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Telepass Pay XBIZ

Everything you need to know

The BNL account: find out about the 'turbocarica' and the main features of the prepaid card linked to your contract.

Thanks to the Telepass Pay XBIZ offer, you can:

  • deduct 100% of VAT on company highway tolls because of the Telepass Fleet platform, and thanks to the electronic invoicing service, you can also recover VAT on refueling.
  • Get a discount on the BNL Business account fee: For the first 24 months, you pay €7 per month instead of €10.
  • Have a zero monthly fee on the Arval Long Term Rental and enjoy exclusive offers.

The offer is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that already have an active Telepass Fleet contract.

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The Telepass Pay XBIZ offer allows you to use:

  • Telepass Pay services, such as fuel, street parking, and taxi;
  • Telepass services, for toll payment;
  • a bank account with BNL.

You can also get a €500 credit line from BNL for each activated Telepass device.

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