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Find out how to proceed with the offer activation and the use of the included mobility services.

You would need to take the Telepass device to a Punto Blu, TSS24H, or Service Center located on the highway network, so that the device can be checked and replaced free of charge. Alternatively, you can request a replacement from your company.

Please notify the theft / loss of your Telepass device promptly in order to enable its blocking and avoid improper use by third parties, in one of the following ways:

  • by email to;
  • calling the number 06/91133752 from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm and on Saturdays between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm;
  • via the Telepass Fleet Portal / App.

Make sure to always notify your company as soon as possible. In the event of theft, to permanently block the device you need to provide a report endorsed by the Public Security Authority, which the Fleet Manager or the User must then upload to the Portal in the dedicated section and, if necessary, request a replacement device.

Only in case of loss, the Fleet Manager or the User need to: access the specific section, print the Self-certification, sign it, and upload it to the Portal to make the event definitive. In this case too, it will be possible to request a replacement device.

In the absence of a copy of the aforementioned documentation within 30 days from the first notification, all fees accrued during the period and any transits made with the device reported lost or stolen will be charged.

You can access the Telepass Fleet Portal with special credentials self-generated on the Portal itself once the Telepass Fleet contract has been signed.

Yes, once the Telepass Fleet contract has been signed, you may request the migration of the devices in your possession from the old to the new contract, without having to return them to Telepass, thus keeping all existing payment services active. The migration does not entail the interruption of any payment service but only the lapse of any active Premium options and the pairing of a single license plate for each device.

The login credentials to use the Telepass Pay App may be the same as those used to access the Telepass Fleet Portal as long as the user ID has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 60 alphanumeric characters, and the password has at least 8 and a maximum of 15 characters.

If the activity has not yet been invoiced, you can look for it on the Portal / App and make the needed change. If the activity has already been billed, you can contact your Fleet Manager.

The Telepass Fleet Portal is a management platform that Telepass Fleet customers can access using the credentials issued by Telepass to view, monitor, and manage their fleet mobility.

You cannot take advantage of commuter discounts with the Dual option as those benefits are reserved only for individuals who are holders of contracts signed with a tax code.

Delivered devices are already active, but in order to use payment services they need to be paired with a plate beforehand.

The driver is responsible for the pairing only if the Telepass Fleet Dual contract has been signed.

The “Dual” service allows employees to use the Telepass device assigned to them by their company for personal purposes too. Employees can categorize their transits as personal from the Portal and the App, and be charged directly on their bank account.

Additionally, Telepass "Dual" offers employees the opportunity to use the Premium Card and to take advantage of discounts, either immediate or credited on the invoice, on the purchase of goods and services provided by Telepass Partners, as well as to pair the company device with a second private license plate.

You can use the Portal or the App to categorize transits as business or personal.

The pairing needs to be made by the Fleet Manager upon confirmation of successful receipt of the order on the Portal.

Please contact your Fleet Manager.

You can request a replacement card directly from the designated section on the Telepass Fleet Portal.

To activate Telepass Fleet "Dual" you need to have a business Telepass device assigned to your name and check with your Fleet Manager that the company has authorized you to activate it; after you do so, you will be able to connect to the Telepass Fleet Portal and request the activation of service through the Personal Use section. The Premium card will be delivered to the address indicated by you.