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You may request as many Telepass devices as the number of Viacards active on the contract. Thus, in order to receive additional Telepass devices, you need to ask your credit institution for supplemental Viacards as needed. There are no limits to the request for Viacards.

Yes, once the Telepass Fleet contract has been signed, you may request the migration of the devices in your possession from the old to the new contract, without having to return them to Telepass, thus keeping all existing payment services active. The migration does not entail the interruption of any payment service but only the lapse of any active Premium options and the pairing of a single license plate for each device.

You cannot take advantage of commuter discounts with the Dual option as those benefits are reserved only for individuals who are holders of contracts signed with a tax code.

The “Dual” service allows employees to use the Telepass device assigned to them by their company for personal purposes too. Employees can categorize their transits as personal from the Portal and the App, and be charged directly on their bank account.

Additionally, Telepass "Dual" offers employees the opportunity to use the Premium Card and to take advantage of discounts, either immediate or credited on the invoice, on the purchase of goods and services provided by Telepass Partners, as well as to pair the company device with a second private license plate.