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With Viacard you can easily manage your company's motorway trips.

Choose Viacard and get your tolls checked directly to your bank account or credit card.

Viacard has no transaction limit and never expires.

How it works

At your bank

Request Viacard in one of the designated branches of your bank and have it delivered directly at home.*

Assosiate the service

Request more Viacard cards and, if you wish, associate one of your Telepass devices to each card.**

Improve the efficiency

On the motorway, use the lanes reserved for Telepass and Viacard and stop worrying about receipts.

What is the cost of Viacard?

Viacard is for sale at the cost of 15,49 € for the first card and 3,10 € for each additional Viacard.

Some banks might charge an extra fee for each operation. The extra fee cannot in any way exceed the amount of 1,55 €, as it is stated in the Synthesis document. Ask your bank for information about the extra fee.

  • Deutsche Credit Card holders (with the exception of top up card holders) might request Viacard directly from the Credit Card association affiliated to their bank.

**A Telepass device can be requested either online or at a Blue Point, a Telepass Point or a Telepass Self Service 24H.

What if I already have a Viacard?

Make your journeys easier thanks to the services of Telepass Business.