Make your business travels easier.

Forget cash and credit cards, here comes Viacard!

Choose the convenience of a single card made exclusively for your business trips. Any time you need to travel through highways, the card allows you to debit directly your bank account or credit card linked to your VAT number.

The first card has a cost of €15.49 per year. Each additional card is only €3.10 per year.

Viacard has no spending limits or expiration date and is active on the entire highway network,
so you can take your business far!

How to activate the offer

Go to the bank

Request Viacard at a participating bank branch and receive your card directly at home.

Link the service

Request multiple Viacards and, if you wish, link a Telepass device to each card.

Start traveling

Drive in and out of motorways with Viacard using the lanes dedicated to Viacard.

* Deutsche Credit Card holders (rechargeable cards excluded) can request a Viacard by contacting the credit card issuer directly.

** You can request a Telepass device online or at a Punto Blu, Telepass Point or Telepass Self Service 24H.

Notes on Viacard

Some banks offer a commission for each charge to the bank account as reported in the Summary Document, which cannot in any case exceed €1,55. To find out the actual amount of this commission, please ask your bank. Deutsche Credit Card holders (rechargeable cards excluded) can request a Viacard by contacting the credit card issuer directly.

Do you already have a Viacard?

Add convenience to your travels with Telepass Business services.

Dedicated to Viacard holders who want all Telepass services
1.03€ per month
  • Colorful Slim device included
  • Many services for your company car
Telepass Fleet Business Offer
For those who want to fully manage the company fleet
Price upon request
  • Telepass device included
  • Electronic invoicing management service included


How can we help you?

To replace your Viacard you may contact a Punto Blu center.

If you initially requested the card through your bank, you may also contact your branch.

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