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Telepass con Viacard

Your Telepass device
with Viacard

€1.03/month excluding VAT

Apply for a device from your user account and link it to your Viacard to enjoy all our services.

Get the Telepass device

Advantages Motorway
Advantages Parking
Car Parks
Advantages Ferries
Strait of Messina Ferries
Advantages Area C
Area C

Link a device to your Viacard to cruise through motorway toll booths,
pay at car parks, take the Strait of Messina ferries, and access Milan’s traffic restricted area, Area C.

What you can do with your device

Pay tolls without stopping at toll booths.

Quick and automatic tolls

With the Telepass device, there’s no more queuing at motorway toll booths, carrying cash, or requesting receipts. Use the yellow lanes reserved for Telepass customers and wait for the beep sound, indicating a successful operation.

Use the quick select option in your user account to select only business expenses to charge them to the business account.

Affiliated Car Parks
Park conveniently at airports, railway stations, and exhibition centres.

Stress-free parking

Get automatic access to all affiliated car parks at airports, railway stations, and exhibition centres with Telepass. Make sure that your car park is on the app and don’t forget to use the yellow lanes reserved for Telepass customers.

Enter, park, and exit car parks with a beep! No more worrying about parking receipts.

Area C
Access Milan’s city centre without a pass.
Area C

Take a ride through the city centre

Use Telepass to enter Milan’s traffic restricted area, Area C, without risking any fines. The cameras located at the different entry points of Milan’s traffic restricted area will recognise your number plate, even if you don't have the device on board, and charge the entry fee directly to your business account. Your first entry fee is valid for the entire day, and you can enter and exit Area C as many times as you please.

Check the new rules to access Area C, effective from 1 October 2020, on

Strait of Messina Ferries
Buy your ticket with a beep!

Travel to Sicily without stepping out of your car

Even the sea can't stop you now! Take the Strait of Messina ferry without leaving your car to buy tickets. Use the yellow lanes reserved for Telepass customers to buy your ticket automatically. You’ll also get access to our most affordable rates.

Get the Telepass device

Log in to your user account to link the device to your Viacard at only €1.03 per month, excluding VAT.


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