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Telepass SAT

Offerta Truck Telepass Sat

A handy solution to drive across Europe.

Thanks to the Telepass SAT device you can automatically pay motorways in 14 countries, affiliated parking lots and the Strait of Messina ferry ticket.

 Pedaggio in Europa

European motorway tolling

With one device only you can pay Motorway tolling costs in 14 countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland and Bulgaria.

Parcheggi Convenzionati

Affiliated parking facilities

In France, Spain and Italy, you automatically pay for your parking stay with your SAT device by direct debit from your Telepass account, at no additional cost.

Traghetto Stretto di Messina

Strait of Messina ferry

You automatically pay the ferry ticket without going through the ticket office and without getting out of the vehicle. You simply need to drive through the dedicated lane.

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