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Telepass KMaster and fleet telematics

Offerta Truck KMaster

Unbeatable Telepass services, designed for LGVs.

Tolls in Europe

Pay motorway tolls across 16 countries in Europe with a single device.

Mobility services

Park in Italy, France, and Spain easily and cross the Strait of Messina.

Telematics services

Manage your fleet, track single trips, and monitor toll and fuel costs.

Pick the right solution for you
KMaster Business


KMaster Business

Manage your fleet with a wide range of features:

  • track fleet in real-time,
  • vehicle route and location details in real-time,
  • estimate time and costs (tolls and fuel) for thorough planning,
  • identify ways to optimise travel time,
  • reports and analysis on vehicle activity,
  • manage driver missions and communications,
  • calculate driving hours and track traffic violations.
KMaster Connected


KMaster Connected

In addition to all the services included in the Business pack, get access to specific features such as CAN bus connection and tachograph. Download vehicle related data remotely, track fuel consumption, and more!

Optional Services

Combine your pack with Connected to: get vehicle and goods safety services, monitor temperature of the goods compartment, track trailers and semi-trailers, and use an on-board computer.

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