Telepass Pay Per Use
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Attivazione Telepass Pay Per Use

Just a few steps to go!

Make sure you’ve activated NFC technology on your smartphone. This option is available on smartphones with Android 7.0 and over, and iOS iPhone 11 and over..

If you’re already a Telepass customer, activate the device in the following section in the app:
Menu > Dispositivi section > Richiedi o attiva Pay per use.

1. Download the Telepass app

You can download it from App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Register with just a tap

Start the registration process by confirming your phone number,
or go to the menu and select Pay per use. Request for or activate your device here..

3. Scan the barcode

Tap “Attivalo qui” near the “Hai acquistato un dispositivo Pay per use?” message.

You’ll be asked to scan the code available under your device or the packaging.

Enter your personal and vehicle details to complete your profile!

4. Activate the device using NFC

Once you tap “Attiva”, place your phone over the device.
Make sure you place your phone’s camera over the device.

Wait for the two confirmation signals before you separate your phone and device.

Dispositivo Telepass Pay Per use Attivo

Your device is now active!

You can now use our range of services.

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