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With Telepass Truck Premium you are entitled to the free IMA Italia Assistance mechanical assistance service for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, on all European road and motorway networks.


Mechanical assistance throughout Europe in case of fire or breakdown. *


Antipation of vehicle repair costs** up to 5,000€.


Passenger transport following the rescue intervention.

How it works

If you need roadside assistance you’ll only have to call Allianz Global Assistance’s Operations Centre and transmit both your data and your Telepass Premium code.


Call IMA Italia Assistance at 800.108.108 or call 02 24128.528


Transmit your data, your position, your vehicle’s data and your Truck Premium code.

Chill out

Request the assistance service you need for your vehicle and chill out.

  • Up to a maximum amount of 1.000,00 euros you won’t be charged any fee, except for the cost of potential spare parts and labour, which has to be paid directly to the service provider. The maximum amount also includes charges related to the possible intervention of special vehicles, in case they’d be essential to the vehicle’s rescue. In the case of trailer or semi-trailer trucks we only cover the towing tractor. If, in the event of tractor’s failure or accident, the trailer or semi-trailer is towed to a malfunctioning or damaged tractor, the trailer or semi-trailer itself can benefit from assistance and will be transported to the closer parking lot, as to keep it safe, always within the maximum amount of 1.000,00 euros.

** The rescue vehicle will aim at solving, if possible, the causes of the truck’s failure through minor reparations. If, on the other hand, it is not possible to fix the vehicle on site, the truck will be transported to the closer Assistance Network (authorized car manufacturer’s or designated garage), covering a distance up to 100 km (round trip), to be calculated from the closer toll booth from the accident’s place. The advance payment will be supplied for: vehicle’s reparation (Italy and abroad); legal expenses for driver’s arrest or custody (abroad); bail for driver’s arrest or custody and for European penalties (Italy and abroad); vehicle’s release (abroad).

For further information, read the Premium Truck Guide.