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With Telepass Premium Truck you are entitled to free IMA Italia Assistance breakdown service for vehicles over 3.5 tons, on all road networks and European motorways.


Breakdown assistance throughout Europe in the event of a fire or breakdown.*


Advance on the costs of repairing the vehicle** up to €5,000.


Passenger transport following a breakdown intervention.

How does it work

Should you need road service simply call the Operating Center of IMA Italia Assistance and communicate your data and Telepass Premium code.


Call IMA Italia Assistance at 800.108.108 or call 02 24128.528


Communicate your information, your position, the information of your vehicle and the Truck Premium Code.


Request the support service desire for your vehicle and relax.

*Up to a limit of 1,000.00 Euro you will not be charged except that of any parts and labour, to be paid directly to the supplier who intervened. Included in the limit are also the costs relative to the possible use of special vehicles when these are indispensable for the recovery of the vehicle. In the case of vehicles with trailer/semi-trailer only the engine is covered. If in case of breakdown or accident to the engine, the trailer/semi-trailer is hitched to the engine that broke down or was in an accident, it benefits from the assistance and will be transported to the closed parking area for its safety, again up to the single limits per accident of Euro 1,000.00.

** The rescue vehicle will resolve, if possible, the cause of the immobilisation of the vehicle on site through small repairs. If instead it is not possible to perform the repair on site, the vehicle will be transported to the Support Network (authorised or licensed garage of the Manufacturer) closest to the place of the immobilisation, for a maximum distance of 100 km (inclusive of outward and return) of the rescue vehicle, calculated from the first exit tollbooth from where it is stopped. The cash advance is paid for repair of the vehicle (Italy and abroad); legal costs for arrest or detention of the driver (abroad); surety for arrest of detention of the driver and Euro penalty (Italy and abroad); release of the vehicle from seizure (abroad).

For further information, read the Premium Truck Guide.