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We chose Cortina 2021 to break the ice

Let us introduce the new Telepass and its smart services, always in sync with your life.

Logo Cortina 2021

We are presenting sponsor of the World Ski Championships, which are held in Cortina, because we would like to make a global announcement: let us introduce Telepass!

You might say: "But I already know you, you are the toll booth people!" Oh yes, we are the ones who let you go through toll booths with just a Beep... but we are also so much more! With Telepass, it is easier to always move around, whether by car or bike, motorbike or electric scooter, on vacation or for work. There is truly a service for everything, and all Telepass services make people move at their best, in a smart and quick a Beep.

Do you really want us to list them all for you?
So... Let's start with a few examples: the Fuel service, by which you can fill up without cards and cash, or the Train service, to purchase tickets with just a tap, or the service that reminds you that your car stamp is about to expire and lets you pay for it without any hiccups.

All of these services from the same App.

And since Cortina will make you want to put your skis back on, when we are finally able to get back on the slopes, do it with us!

La Nuova Telepass Skipass Cortina

Because with our Skipass you forget about queues at the ticket office, even on the slopes. In other words, there are so many advantages to Telepass: Have fun discovering them, a page is not enough to list them all!

So, welcome to the new Telepass, even simpler, even more innovative, in sync with your life.

Choose Telepass Pay X

Discover a new mobility with Telepass Pay X, as usual there is no fee for 2 years.

Skipass Service

Have fun on the slopes with Telepass Pay

Already a Telepass Pay customer? Discover the Skipass! You can request it on the App and ski with your whole family. You only pay for the actual rides and always at the most convenient rate of the affiliated ski area.