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Get access to exclusive Telepass services for your vehicle. We’ll also send a Telepass Slim device in the colour of your choice to your doorstep at no additional cost!

Stay one step ahead

Dispositivo Telepass Easy
Delivered to your doorstep at no additonal cost. Pick the colour of your choice (while stocks last).
Servizi Easy
11 servizi auto e moto
Do more than just pay tolls. Fill fuel, pay your car tax, and get your vehicle washed in a quick and easy manner.
App Telepass Easy
Telepass App
Use our services, manage your trips, and track your expenses in just a few taps.
How much it costs

Only €2* monthly fee.

€ 1.76* € 1.83 per month
for the Telepass device

Quick motorway toll booths, convenient car parks, and more.

€ 0.74 per month
for mobility services

A range of services tailored to your vehicle-related requirements.

Il canone di locazione del dispositivo Telepass Base (contratto Telepass Family) è pari a € 1,83 al mese, ma in promozione a 1,76€ in virtù della “Promo bundle Plus/Easy/Telepass Pay X 2024” (Regolamento qui). Per informazioni su costi fissi e variabili diversi dal canone, eventuali limitazioni, diritto di recesso e modalità di reclamo consulta il Foglio Informativo nella sezione Trasparenza.

Easy – Advantages

Enjoy a range of services designed for you and your vehicle, in addition to our standard Telepass plan options.

Slim device
Travel made easy

Multipurpose device

Get your Telepass device in the colour of your choice and skip queues with a beep! Your device is delivered to your doorstep at no additional cost. Use the Motorways service to pay tolls and skip queues at toll booths across Italy.

Travel better with our wide range of services:

  • set Reminders for all your important vehicle-related deadlines,
  • pay Milan’s Area C congestion charge automatically by registering your number plate,
  • use Affiliated Car Parks at airports, railway stations, and exhibition centres with our device,
  • take the Strait of Messina ferries with the device.

Track your trips in your app or user account after 24 hours, and pay by direct debit every quarter.

Do you often travel to other European countries? Get the Europe Device to travel hassle-free in France, Spain, and Portugal.

Cars and motorbikes
Only the best for your vehicles and trips

Wide range of services

Enjoy numerous in-app services designed for your car or motorbike:

All-in-one app
Manage your expenses and services
Tutto in App

Easy, fun, and intuitive

Decide where you want to go, and the app will find the best possible travel solution.

Telepass is the first major app designed for the mobility sector. Travel cashless in a quick, simple, and safe manner.
You’ll find an entire section dedicated to your vehicles – no more missing important vehicle-related deadlines. You can also track your expenses and trips quickly.

Already have Telepass? Switch to Easy!

Switch to Easy: keep your device and get additional services for your car and motorbike at only €2,50 per month.


How can we help?

At the end of the process, you will receive a confirmation email at the address you provided during the registration phase.

“Mobility service charges” are: On-street Parking, Fuel, EV Charging, Car Tax, Vehicle Inspections, Car Wash, Taxis, Trains, Ships & Ferries, Public Transport, Skipass, pagoPA, Coaches, and Food & Drink. These services are charged on a monthly basis and don’t require the use of the device.

Services that you can use with your Telepass device are: Motorways, Car Parks, Area C - Milan, and Strait of Messina Ferries. These services are charged every quarter.

Nota Legale: i servizi Autostrada, Parcheggi Convenzionati, Area C Milano e Traghetto Stretto di Messina sono prestati in regime di esenzione ai sensi dell’Articolo 3, paragrafo 1, lett. k) della Dir. 25/11/2015, n. 2015/2366 relativa ai servizi di pagamento nel mercato interno.