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Car Liability Insurance with Prima

Prima Assicurazioni is the online insurance agency specializing in third party liability for cars, motorcycles, and vans.

Since 2015, thanks to a team of professionals, Prima has achieved a distinctive position in the Italian insurance market, quickly gaining the trust of customers and investors.

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Discover the warranties


In the event of a negligent accident, the warranty covers damage to third parties caused by the insured vehicle, excluding damage to the driver and to the vehicle responsible for the accident.

  • Ceiling for individuals: €6,07 million. Ceiling for objects: €1,22 million.
  • No deductibles. Damages are entirely covered by Prima Assicurazioni.

Driver's Injuries

It covers the physical damage suffered by the driver of the vehicle in the event of an accident. Ceiling: € 50,000. In the event of permanent disability, an excess of 3% will be applied to the compensation. If the driver, at the time of the accident, has not used the mandatory safety measures, the deductible is raised to 5% and the maximum payable sum is equal to 70% of the entire insured sum indicated in the Policy Sheet.

In the event of verified permanent disability of more than 30% and only if the mandatory safety measures have been used, no deductible will be applied.

Legal protection

It covers legal fees to help you resolve more complex situations, like when an accident occurs with an uninsured vehicle or when the other party involved in the accident refuses to fill in the Release of Liability Form. The warranty limit is €10,000.

Claims protection

It extends the liability coverage even in case of modest intoxication and other minor traffic violations. In the event of an accident, Prima Assicurazioni fully waives compensation in the following cases:

  • The driver has a blood alcohol content higher than the maximum allowed (up to 0.3 g / l over the legal limit).
  • The vehicle is not up to date with the inspection.
  • Passenger transport is irregular (e.g. no seat belts in the rear seats).

Protected bonus

It protects the price of your renewal policy from possible increases, even in the event of a negligent accident. All things being equal, the premium for the renewal of the policy cannot be greater than the premium paid in the current year, even in the event of a negligent accident. The warranty does not apply if you are involved in 2 or more negligent accidents.

Theft and fire

It covers damage to the insured vehicle resulting from theft and robbery, even if only attempted, and from fire.

Deductible: 15% of the damage at your expense, minimum € 400. The rest is covered by Prima Assicurazioni.

Glass and Windshield

It covers breaking or chipping damage to the vehicle glass while on the road. Glass repair is free; the replacement of the damaged glass entails a deductible of €200. By contacting a center affiliated with Prima Assicurazioni, the deductible for the glass replacement will be only €50 with a ceiling of €600 (10% of the value of the insured vehicle).

Kasko collision

It covers damage to the vehicle in the event of a negligent accident involving other registered vehicles. Ceiling: In the event of a accident, the maximum compensation is €3,000.

Deductible: You are responsible for a €250 deductible, the rest is covered by Prima Assicurazioni.

For more information see the information set

In case of an accident

First of all

  • Assist any injured individual.
  • Photograph, if you can, the place of the accident and anything else that you consider useful.
  • Fill in the Release of Liability Form.

How to report an accident

Make sure to always report an accident within 3 days from when it occurred or from the date you became aware of it. Call 02 72 62 64 64 (every day, 24 hours a day). Send an email to, providing the driver's details, the vehicle license plate, and a brief description of the dynamics of the accident. Remember to also attach a scan or photograph of the Release of Liability Form.

Have you been involved in an accident in Italy caused by a foreign vehicle?

Send your claim for damages to Ufficio Centrale Italiano. For more details:

Have you been involved in an accident abroad caused by a foreign vehicle?

Check the Consap S.p.A. website for details on the procedure to follow:

Have you been involved in an accident with an uninsured or unidentified vehicle?

Send your claim for damages to Consap S.p.A. - Fondo Garanzie Vittime della Strada. For details:, under the section Fondo di Garanzia per le Vittime della Strada.


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