Car Stamp

Everything you need to know

How to process payment of the car stamp directly from the App.

The stamp service follows the billing cycle of your Telepass Pay contract.

You can download the stamp payment receipt in PDF format directly from the Telepass Pay App by accessing the transactions archive, otherwise you can find it in your Reserved Area.

You can pay the car stamp via Telepass Pay App within one month from the day it expired.

For example, if your stamp expires in September 2021, you can pay from 1 to 31 October 2021.

You may also pay the stamp even if it has expired for over one month, with an increased amount according to law.

You can find out about the expiration date of the stamp in three ways:

  • from the Memo function in the Telepass App;
  • from notifications in the Telepass Pay App;
  • when the "pay stamp" button shows on the main screen of the Telepass Pay App.

You can pay the stamp only for the plates associated with your Telepass device. After you have registered a new number plate and joined the Telepass Memo service, we will let you know when you can pay the stamp.

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